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There are many hidden dangers of children's play mats. Please look for the EU CE mark certification when buying

by:Toysmax     2021-05-19

Families with babies will basically prepare play mats. Before the children can walk, most of their play time is spent on the mats. However, both CCTV's 'Weekly Quality Report' and major news websites have exposed the quality of children's play mats-formamide, which is recognized by the European Union as having reproductive toxicity, has been detected in many domestic game mat products!

Various game mats have toxic substances exceeding the standard and are harmful

Frequent news reports have indeed revealed the chaos of domestic children’s game mat products. For example, the main issue of formamide. Formamide is recognized by the European Union as having reproductive toxicity and is listed as one of the CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive toxicity).

For children’s play mats that are soft and soft like EVA, the raw material, that is, plastic, needs to be foamed to become fluffy. A common foaming agent is called azodicarbonamide. In this type of blowing agent, formamide is formed as a by-product. Because the play mat is specially designed for young children to sit, sleep and climb, the harm caused by children in close proximity for a long time may be higher.

According to reports, most of the formamide products in EVA game mats exceed the standard or even seriously exceed the standard. Does that mean that PE or PVC game mats are more suitable for us to buy? This is not the case. The formamide content is very important, but this is not the only safety indicator for game mats that we need to care about. For example, PE material has a flammable hazard.

In addition to flammability and formamide, game mats also need to pay more attention: such as mechanical properties, whether it will be torn off by children and swallowed, causing suffocation risk; such as heavy metals, plasticizers and BPA The content and so on. Therefore, it cannot be said that PE products did not show formamide in this test, and they must be safer than EVA products.

my country has not yet issued an industry standard

A safe and qualified game mat sold in regular channels needs to go through many complex and comprehensive inspections before it goes on the market. This includes the manufacturer's own inspection, the third-party inspection, the inspection before the purchase by the distributor of the product, and the inspection before the shipment. Each batch of products will go through several repeated tests, and once it fails, it will not enter the consumer's home. But first of all, it must be in a country or region where there is a standard to be based on and the implementation of it seriously.

Buy certified products, don’t try to be cheap

This is the question we need to face when choosing non-formamide game mats. It’s not whether the business is black-hearted, but there is no corresponding The national standards can be referred to, let alone implemented. The lack of national standards has made the market unfounded, and the leaders have not yet made a decision. Who would dare to say something underneath? In such a market environment, only trustworthy products can be purchased from channels that guarantee authenticity. Here are some tips for everyone: Look for EU CE mark certification to buy from Europe or countries or places with relevant restricted standards. Don't be greedy for cheap roadside or buy one get one free for a few dollars online. They insist that they are qualified, and we have no way to verify and test!

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