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There are hidden dangers in the safety of children's toys. Children's toys and gifts should be carefully selected on Children's Day

by:Toysmax     2021-06-14

The quality of children's toys varies from good to bad and needs further rectification. Therefore, when choosing children's toys for children, be very careful to avoid buying substandard products, which may cause children to be harmed.

'Children's Day' is approaching, and toys on the market are dazzling and are beginning to sell well. However, poor quality toys have various risks, and 'partners' may turn into 'killers' at any time.

According to the Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the European Union’s non-edible product rapid warning system recently issued a product quality notification in mainland China, many involving children’s toys. The small parts of certain toys, such as animal ears, necklace beads, button batteries of electric toys, etc. are not reliably fixed, and are easy to fall off and cause injury; some plush toys are easy to pull apart, and children put filling materials into their mouths. Choking; the hook and loop tape or drawstring on some products may be entangled, and there is a danger of strangulation and suffocation; there are dangerous gaps in some folding strollers, which may cause children's hands to be caught.

So, how should parents buy safe children's toys? The toy inspection expert of Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau pointed out that one is to look at the label, and the toy should have instructions for use, and at least include the product name, company information, main material, applicable age and other elements. Do not buy 'three no' products; second, look at the appearance , Do not buy toys with small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled, and toys with sharp or rough edges, to ensure safety; third, look at the real thing, the stuffing inside the plush toy should be free of lumps and no peculiar smell , Filling materials should not be exposed from the seams; fourthly, look at the packaging. The purchased toys are equipped with plastic packaging bags or packaging. They should be put away or discarded immediately after unpacking. Do not let children play.

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