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The world's longest plastic toy train track was born in China

by:Toysmax     2021-05-21

On November 24, 2012, the world-renowned cartoon character 'Thomas u0026 Friends Train' joined hands with his friends in China to create a new Guinness World Record-the world's longest plastic toy train track. This track is composed of 13769 segments of plastic parts, surrounded by 7 layers, 2888 meters long, and covers an area of u200bu200babout 200 square meters. The track length is approximately 6 times the height of the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower TV Tower, which is 20% longer than the previous world record (the track constructed in Odaiba, Japan on August 23, 2011). On this special track located in the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Thomas u0026 Friends Train finally reached the end after a dream journey of nearly 5 hours. The Guinness World Records team from the UK witnessed this moment.

The event was hosted by Thomas u0026 Friends, a subsidiary of the world's largest toy manufacturer, Meitai, and received strong support from the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai Minhang Middle School. After more than 4 months of meticulous preparation by dozens of teachers and students, accompanied by the classic character 'Fat Master' in Thomas and his friends series cartoons, the new Guinness world record for the longest plastic toy train track was finally born. Mr. Wang Junfeng, General Manager of Meitai Company in China, said: 'We are very excited to see Thomas u0026 Friends Train bring a new world record for China. Behind the record creation is the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University. As well as the hard work of the teachers and students of Minhang Middle School, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for this, and look forward to, in the near future, these students can become world-class Chinese engineers and architects!' Wang Junfeng also added: 'Toy track building It can stimulate children's spatial imagination, creativity and observation, as well as the ability to solve problems and logical thinking. These abilities can be well exercised in the toy track building. Thomas Train hopes to continue to encourage Chinese children Learn and enjoy the fun of'trying', because some good ideas are often born from attempts.' Since its birth, Thomas Train has been a source of inspiration and creativity for children all over the world. In the contact with Thomas Little Train, the children not only get happiness from the wonderful adventure journey of the little train, but also burst out whimsical ideas in the construction of the track, try bravely in the process of entertainment, and further cultivate their teamwork. And the ability to turn ideas into reality. These characteristics are especially important in the growth of Chinese children. Thomas Train encourages Chinese children to bravely pursue their dreams, dare to imagine, and have the determination to turn all this into reality. More than 60 years ago, a pastor in Wales, England, told his son a story about a naughty little blue train. Today, this little blue train 'Thomas' is the best partner of children, growing up with children from all over the world. As the most popular toy train in the world, the successful creation of a new record for the world's longest plastic toy train track is a special gift that Thomas u0026 Friends brought to Chinese children on the 67th birthday. After breaking the record, from November 25th to December 9th, this huge plastic toy train track was publicly displayed at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum for two weeks.

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