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The window of the community owner was shot by a bear kid's toy gun

by:Toysmax     2021-10-04

Hit the ornamental fish in the pond of the community, aim at the window of the owner's house and shoot... Recently, a bunch of 'bear boys' in Xinhuayuan Community fell in love with toy guns, various plants in the community, ornamental fish, and even the window of the head of the household They have become their 'preyResidents worry that their windows become targets. 'When I first saw this hole, I was shocked. I went downstairs and asked a few neighbors before I knew what was going on.' The window of the house owner, Ms. Sun Jieying, became a bunch of bear kids. One of her targets, Sun Jieying lives on the second floor of Building 1, facing the atrium. After school, there will be many children playing here. She suspects that it is because of her proximity that her windows suffer. 'A hole was punched in my living room last month, and now I am afraid every day.' 'During the summer vacation, I also saw a bunch of dolls playing fish and plants with guns.' The reporter visited and found that, except for Sun Jieying's house. Many residents in the community have reported that the windows were broken. Recently, a group of children in the community were beating with toy guns. However, because they could not find a specific child, the residents had to replace the broken glass. “Replacement of glass is a trivial matter. I'm afraid it's not safe.' Sun Jieying said that since the glass at home was broken, she still had lingering fears after school and weekends. The security guards had no choice but to seize the toy guns and received an abusive text message, “In the summer, we found that there were several 10-year-old children in the community with plastic guns shooting fish in the pool and the street lights on the side, and even shooting at each other.” The property management company was responsible. Li Yi said that because of the dangers of dolls playing with toy guns, the community security had persuaded and warned them, but failed to persuade the children, so the property company decided to “confiscate” the children’s toy guns, and Tell them that parents need to come and take the toy gun home. 'Unexpectedly, these naughty children not only scratched our security guard's hand, but also obtained my phone number from the security personnel information column posted by the management office and sent text messages to verbally abuse.' Li Yi said that they have posted a notice, suggesting Parents should not buy toy guns for their children.   Many toy guns have no instructions for use. Parents are advised to purchase carefully. Afterwards, the reporter visited many small shops at the entrance of schools and found that many shops were selling toy guns that can be loaded with ammunition. 'There are many kinds of toy guns that can be loaded. The cheapest one is 20 yuan, and the most expensive one can sell for more than 300 yuan.' When the reporter asked the shop owner if he knew the range and shooting power of such toy guns, the shop owner explained that The packaging of each toy gun is affixed with a reminder label similar to 'Shooting with cautionXinhua Community Secretary Ye Xujun is also a policeman on Xinhong Road Street. For the purchase of toy guns, he suggested that parents should check whether there are Chinese signs when buying toys, especially carefully check whether there are safety instructions. There are many accidents caused by toy gun shooting. I hope parents must be cautious when buying toy guns for their children so as not to cause harm.” Ye Xujun said.
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