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The warm-up of Double Eleven is coming again. Insight into the hot selling trend of the toy industry. Teach you how to prepare perfectly

by:Toysmax     2021-05-17

The residual temperature of the Mid-618 Shopping Festival has just faded, and the warm-up of Double Eleven is coming again! Holding the highest voice in online channels, it can be said that every move of Tmall affects the decision-making of businesses. At the recent Maternal and Child Double Eleven Merchant Conference, Tmall analyzed some data under the major industry categories and interpreted the way this year’s Double Eleven was played on the platform.

Fashion toys, early education toys, and building blocks are still the mainstream trend

According to official data from Tmall, as of August, double eleven registration The number of toy merchants has reached 150+, which is second only to children's clothing and supplies in the maternal and infant sub-category. According to previous data, among the nine major categories of mothers and babies, children's clothing and toys have always occupied the top spot in terms of sales. For domestic toy companies, although the head effect has appeared slightly in recent years, it is still not comparable to international toy brands. Therefore, we can also see from the online data that there are many players in the toy industry and the concentration is low.

We can see that in the core categories of mothers and babies, the four types of toys, including baby carriages, building blocks, play blind boxes, and early education/smart toys, all perform in terms of growth rate and proportion. It's good enough. Such a map is also in line with the trend presented by online data in the first half of 2019. Toys with additional educational content are more favored by parents, and the highly personalized trendy play is more in line with the 'tastes' of young people with independent spending power.

In addition to the existing core categories, simulation/play house, robot/transformation/dolls, etc. have the opportunity to become new growth points. In addition, when analyzing the background data of the Maternal and Child Research Institute, we found that large-scale amusement equipment jumped into the sales champion of the month in June. According to the normal development trend, the amusement/teaching equipment/large-scale equipment is on the double eleven. It is expected to usher in a new round of consumption peaks.

Generally speaking, the consumer trend of the toy industry is steadily tending to develop in the three major directions of quality, fashion, and technology. How to fit the educational scene in the family environment and young people's pursuit of fashion and individual taste is the top priority for toy companies.

Big cities prefer models, small cities prefer outdoor toys

Among the six major consumer scenes in the maternal and infant industry, the 'urchin world' is the least rigid Yihuan also has this broad market space. In 2019, nearly 60 toy sub-categories have achieved consumption growth. On the one hand, the opening of the second-child policy has increased the capacity of the market. On the other hand, the new generation of post-90s and post-95 parents have not only improved their spending power, but are also more willing to pay for their children’s education and play. In the first-tier cities, parents pay more attention to the cultivation of children’s interest. The expressions on toys are programming toys and various models. In cities below the fourth-tier, parents will pay more attention to free play in outdoor spaces, so outdoor toys Become the darling of the sinking market.

Tmall toy channel preference is obvious, and domestic brands are gradually rising

In the second half of the Internet, when the stock is basically determined, how Finding new increments and achieving breakthroughs in revenue has become an urgent consideration for every industry. Therefore, the sinking market is very important to any industry. Whoever can enter the sinking market first and capture the 'hearts' of the 'small town youth' will have the opportunity to be the first to rush out of the second half.

We found that toys on the Tmall platform, daily sale and gold coin channel performed better, so in the short-term Double Eleven layout, toy merchants should focus on these two channels, but At the same time, it is worth considering to be able to learn from the marketing model of children's clothing to increase the increase in toys.

Judging from online data, in 2019, Lego will still be the best in toy sales, but judging from the trend in the first half of the year, domestic brands such as foam Paomat and others are gradually narrowing the gap between and the giant brands. In the market share of about 10% occupied by top brands, domestic brands and foreign brands are gradually competing against each other. For the upcoming Double Eleven, how domestic toy brands will perform is worth looking forward to.

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