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The value of different toys to children of different ages

by:Toysmax     2021-06-18

Games are children’s angels. We must pay attention to children’s growth, and we must pay attention to children’s games; to pay attention to children’s games, we must pay attention to children’s toys.

Toys are children’s close partners, teachers, and auxiliary means for children to understand the world and explore the unknown. It can promote children’s perception and cognitive abilities, and help cultivate mutual assistance, cooperation and progress. the spirit of. However, children of different ages have different control abilities and needs for toys. Therefore, it is not better to buy and provide toys for children, and they cannot be 'extracted to help.'

The value of different toys for children of different ages

1, the choice of toys for children from 0-6 months

Yes Toys for listening, watching, touching, and sucking promote sensory development.

You can hold or shake rattles, rattles, etc. to promote upper limb motor skills.

The non-breakable mirror embedded in the wall helps children to recognize themselves.

The choice of toys for children aged 7-12 months

Toys that help visual, auditory and tactile development.

Inflatable soft pillows, big sturdy inflatable soft balls, balls: to promote crawling, games and sports.

Soft washable animals, dolls, bathtub floating toys, exercise your grasping ability.

Large blocks and books promote crawling and exercise hands-on ability.

Dolls, bowls, rings: exercise the ability to classify according to size and shape.

The doll box (the doll pops out when the box is opened) helps to understand the cause and effect relationship.

The choice of toys for children aged 3 and 1-2

Toys that can push, pull (the rope is not too long), ride, and climb to promote overall motor skills.

Building blocks and balls to exercise hand-eye coordination.

Toy mobile phones, shopping carts, transport carts, baby carriages, kitchen utensils, tools, promote children's hands-on, imitation and athletic ability.

Sturdy plush toys, exercise to hold or hug toys.

CDs, toy musical instruments, learn to sing and dance through listening and watching CDs, contact toy musical instruments, train hands and hearing, and inspire children's interest in music.

Paint oil sticks and paper, let children try to draw and exercise fine hand movements.

Complete sets of cars, animals, and simple jigsaw puzzles. Exercises are classified according to use, color, shape, and size.

Intellectual toys, develop intelligence and develop hands-on ability.

The choice of toys for children aged 4 and 2-3

Three-wheeled stroller, exercise strength and coordination ability, prepare for learning to ride a bicycle.

Paint brushes, drawing boards, plasticine, origami, etc., develop hand-eye coordination and stimulate creativity.

Implementational intelligence toys, learn the relationship between shape and space, and form advanced athletic ability.

Hand puppets, dolls that can be worn and undressed, toys with story lines, learn role-playing and cultivate a sense of responsibility.

Buildable blocks, toys that can bite each other, develop space perception, hand-eye coordination, advanced motor skills and brain abilities. Toy cars for various purposes, learn about the appearance and functions of various purpose cars, and learn role-playing.

Simple chess games promote the ability to coordinate and follow the rules.

The choice of toys for children aged 5 and 4-6

Hand puppets to exercise hands-on and role-playing skills.

A complete set of toys for family, medical care, transportation, and tools arouses associations, develops creative role games, learns life experience, practices cooperation, simulates labor, and cultivates a sense of family and social responsibility.

Chess, intellectual toys, thinking training, exercise comparison, judgment, reasoning, analysis and other comprehensive abilities.

Numbers, letter puzzles, cards, storybooks, to cultivate the ability of calculation, recognition and abstract thinking.

Detachable toys: exercise comprehensive ability.

The value of different games for children of different ages

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