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The uneasy status of toy companies enters many fields to achieve transformation or upgrade

by:Toysmax     2021-06-01

Competition in the toy industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and over-reliance on the main toy business is facing development bottlenecks. Many domestic toy companies have tried to transform and upgrade, and have begun to get involved in multiple fields such as mobile games, film and television, and sports, adopting various methods to extend the industrial chain and Enhance the added value of products. Now let us look at what measures the six major domestic listed toy companies have taken to achieve transformation.

Aofei Entertainment: Creating a 'Chinese Disney'

Aofei Entertainment (002292) was formerly an Audi toy. It started with toys. Now it is not only in animation, The layout of animation peripherals and other aspects also involves multiple fields such as movies, novels, games, and VR.

The company successfully transformed 'anime + toys' for the first time in 2004, and successively launched a number of self-made cartoons such as 'Firepower Boy' and 'Ballala Little Demon'; it went public in 2009 and registered capital The market comprehensively integrates the entire industry chain of animation culture; in 2013, it launched the 'IP-core pan-entertainment ecosystem' strategy. In the past two years, it has successively acquired companies such as Pleasant Goat, Aileyou, and 'Youqi' to expand user coverage. Accelerate the transformation; in 2015, a number of major investments were made, such as equity participation in Shunrong Sanqi, equity participation in Zhangyue Bookstore and Linglong Group, investment in virtual reality companies such as Nuoiteng and TVR, etc.; in January this year, it announced the launch of 'Smart 'Plan S

Cai Dongqing, the company’s chairman, once publicly stated that he wants to build the company into a 'China Disney' with a goal of 'from upstream content and IP incubation to various media terminals such as film and television, games, TV, and the Internet, and derivatives. The industrial end gradually forms a 'net-like layout' covering the entire industrial chain.

From toy manufacturing to robot development, in order to achieve its transformation goals, Aofei Entertainment has gone through no fewer than 10 financings, shareholdings and acquisitions. It is reported that the investment community has sorted out the capital layout of Aofei Entertainment in recent years and found that it is mainly concentrated in IP, games, pan-entertainment, VR, artificial intelligence and other fields, with a total investment of more than 4 billion yuan.

Huawei Culture: Focus on the layout of animation and film and television

Huawei Culture (002502) was originally called 'Huawei Shares'Huawei Culture'. In this regard, Huawei Company stated that the change of name and stock abbreviation is to better adapt to its development needs and strategic planning. The strategic goal is to firmly lay out the Internet cultural industry, build a platform based on high-quality IP operation as the carrier and content innovation as the core. Animation, film and television, online games, peripheral derivative products, etc. are a comprehensive Internet cultural group company with multiple interconnections. This also means that the positioning of Huawei Culture is no longer limited to toy companies.

In March 2015, it purchased 80% of the first wave of shares in the game company Shenzhen for 806 million yuan; in May, it purchased 100% of the equity of the film and television company Phantasy Star Park at a consideration of 1.2 billion yuan; in July, Qian Haihua, a wholly-owned subsidiary, participated in the establishment of the industry Mu0026A fund Huawei Zhexing, which mainly invests in domestic and foreign enterprises in related fields such as animation, games, film and television, music and literature, virtual reality, intelligent hardware, and interactive marketing; in January this year, it plans to With a total of 1.31 billion yuan of 'equity + cash

It is reported that Huawei Culture has invested 2 billion yuan in entering the entertainment industry in 2015, and clearly stated that it will increase investment in 2016, focusing on the deployment of animation and film and television related fields, and through investment and mergers and acquisitions The reorganization method increases high-quality IP resources and reserves, and enriches IP realization channels. According to the company's 2015 semi-annual report, the operating income of the game business has slightly exceeded that of toys, ranking first among all its classified product income.

Interactive entertainment: investing in games and sports

Interactive entertainment (300043) was originally a Xinghui car model, which was renamed Interactive Entertainment in March 2014, adding For the design and development of online games and other business categories, the stock abbreviations will be changed at the same time. The company has clearly defined the strategic goal of building an interactive entertainment industry ecosystem with multi-wheel drive IP full copyright operations with toy derivatives, games, and film and television as the main monetization carriers.

Since 2013, it has successively acquired game developers Changyu Tianxia and Xinghui Tiantuo, and formally stepped into the game field, indicating that the game business is the main force of the company’s strategic transformation, through web games and mobile games. The dual-product line will develop the layout industry in parallel. In the future, it will further deepen the vertically integrated closed-loop game ecosystem through the acquisition of mobile game social platform companies. At the beginning of this year, it entered the sports industry cross-border and completed the holding of the Royal Espanyol Football Club. This acquisition is the first time a Chinese company has held the five top European league football clubs. Interactive Entertainment believes that sports is a sunrise industry, and holding the Royal Espanyol Football Club can share its added value, and said that it has successively launched a series of sports businesses such as sports marketing, sports tourism, and event operations.

Recently, it plans to acquire 67.13% of the shares of Quwan Network at a consideration of 969 million yuan to further improve the game industry chain. Quwan Network is a mobile entertainment community service provider whose main business is value-added services for mobile community platforms, mobile game distribution and promotion, mobile video live broadcast and other services.

Interactive entertainment has realized the transformation and upgrading from offline interactive entertainment products based on car models and baby products to the online interactive entertainment field represented by mobile games and web games. 'It is an interactive entertainment platform driven by carrier, content and marketing. Through the cross-border sports industry, it creates an open entertainment ecosystem with horizontal development.

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