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The toy store is getting bigger and bigger, where does Kaizhile's courage come from?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-10

On May 25, domestic toy retailer and agent Kaizhile introduced FAOSchwarz, a well-known toy store brand, into China, and Asia's first boutique toy flagship store settled in Beijing International Trade Commercial District. It is worth noting that this settlement has created the record of the largest single toy store in China World Trade Center.

The traditional toy market has shrunk sharply, and international giant toy companies such as Hasbro and Mattel have also been affected. The bankruptcy of Toys R Us in North America is even more indicative. To a certain extent, the offline retail of toys has become an industry bottleneck. But why did FAO choose to 'go against the wind' in the cold wave of the industry?

The domestic market is expected to witness the 'second spring of toy retailing

As the fastest-growing emerging market, the sales growth in mainland China has always had sufficient potential. The family’s spending power and concepts have been steadily improved, and many international brands have been added to the domestic layout. The toy industry has seen a 'second spring' growth in China.

'China Toys and Baby Products in 2019 'Industry Development Report' shows that in 2018, the retail scale of toys in China reached 70.48 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9%. Both the market base and the increase in the market are enough for Kaizhile and FAO to make a bold attempt.

The introduction of national policies and the rejuvenation of consumer groups have created a domestic market that is not decreasing but increasing. However, compared with the international market, the domestic 'big cake' has not yet formed a distribution mechanism. Who can do it earlier? To seize the market means a deeper consumer imprint. The combination of advanced concepts in mature markets and industry experience in emerging markets is a strategic sharing that benefits both parties.

Dare to face it directly 'Tuyere, Constantly grabbing market share, but the experience brought by offline retail stores is irreplaceable. Therefore, compared with Lego offline stores, Kaizhile has created a more diversified store, rather than calling it As a toy store, it is more inclined to offline experience stores.

The mode of offline retail has changed from a service for goods to a service for people, especially in the 'spiritual consumption' category. This is particularly prominent. The immersive interactive experience can maximize the interest of consumers and better achieve the willingness to purchase. The well-versed Kaizhile did not move its own strategy closer to the line, but Take advantage of offline to the extreme. For a period of time in the future, we can understand it as the transforming trend of offline retail.

Experiential retail opens the door to a new world

Of course, the sense of experience and service come not only from the scene, but also from people. People-to-person services will gradually become an important part of offline retail. In order to make the service and experience better, Kaizhile An experience team of more than 20 people has been carefully built, including toy soldiers and toy experiencers, responsible for interaction and communication with potential consumers. However, unlike what we imagined, this team of more than 20 people does not regard the purchase as the first For one purpose, Zhong Mei, the executive director of Kaizhile International and the managing director of China, believes that “consumers need not only a toy, but a happy experience. 'When the sense of experience rises, purchase becomes inevitable. Especially when children are obsessed with a certain toy in the store, the probability of parents buying it is very high.

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This has a good reference for the toy industry. With the development of technology, it is no longer simple plush toys and building block toys that appear in the market. Technology and IP toys have seized more In the limelight, the gameplay of many toys and the stories behind it require such a team to 'lead the way' for consumers. If the additional content of the toy can be attractive enough, the price consumers are willing to pay for it will also be far Land surpasses the value of the toy itself.

Scaling and chaining bring new challenges to retail

When there are enough types of toys in offline stores to have a better experience So why should consumers face the “picture temptation” on the Internet? This has prompted the retail industry to become large-scale. In addition to FAO, in Kaizhile’s stores, we can see Lego, Yinhui, A well-known toy brand such as MGA. The increase in category means not only the expansion of the platform, but also the greater the possibility of random consumption.

According to reports, the flagship store of China World Trade Center is just the number one brand in China. This strategic layout is not the first to appear in the Chinese market. Hamles, acquired by India’s richest man, has also tried to establish a certain presence in the Chinese market. At present, this approach is in line with the market trend, but whether the plan can be adjusted according to the actual situation is more important.

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