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The toy is too sharp, the child is hurt

by:Toysmax     2021-05-11
During the holidays, it is fun for children to get together and play together. However, sparring with toys causes the children to be injured, which makes many parents worry. 'The other day I saw a bruise on the corner of my son's eye and a scratch beside him. After asking a few times, he said that he was injured by a toy called'Military Finger Tiger' when he was playing with children. Yes.' Ms. Liu mentioned the matter and expressed that she was very worried as a parent. Seeing the child’s toys, she was a little worried: “The kind of'military finger tiger' has pointed and round heads, made of plastic and iron. It hurts when it gets stuck.”    This afternoon, the reporter was at the Yellow River Sixth Road. In a small shop, I found this kind of 'military finger tiger'Many of our classmates have this kind of toy, which is used when fighting. It is very powerful, and it hurts to hit someone.' A little boy told reporters.   Ms. Liu told reporters: 'I hope that parents will carefully help their children choose toys. Do not choose toys that are easy to cause harm to children. It is not good to hit others, and it is also uncomfortable to be injured.'
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