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The toy category skyrocketed by 434.7%, and the order volume recovered by nearly 80%! Is the market really picking up?

by:Toysmax     2021-05-10

'The seller said that the overall order volume has been increasing, and the order volume of the US station has recovered 80%.'

France, May 11 The ban will be gradually lifted from Japan, Australia will gradually relax the social distancing policy on May 8, and Serbia will lift the national emergency on May 6.... The news of overseas unblocking and resumption of production continues to come, which may mean a new wave Consumer demand is about to be released, and many cross-border sellers have noticed that the cross-border e-commerce market has already shown signs of recovery.

From a sharp decline to an overall rebound, it is recommended to stock up properly

Amazon sellers told that although there has not been an order burst in May, the overall order volume has been increasing, and the order volume of its US station has recovered 80%. “Now it depends on who has more inventory,” he suggested. At this time, you can prepare appropriately in advance through FBA and overseas warehouses. According to the current situation, if the order situation continues to improve, he will consider restarting the new employee recruitment plan.

According to a Wish seller’s feedback, in the near future The total number of orders in the store has doubled. In early April, a wave of prices was forced to rise due to the increase in logistics, and the number of orders dropped sharply. Starting from mid-to-late April, the number of orders has picked up.' Years ago, six or seven hundred a day Orders, the order quantity is not stable now, more than 400 orders a day on May 1st. '

Regarding the issue of stocking, he said that he would not stock too much, which is almost the same as usual. Although some countries have unblocked and will release a wave of consumer demand, the logistics has not returned to normal, overseas consumption It will take some time for the purchasing power of consumers to recover, so you don’t need to be too anxious to stock up, but sellers must always pay attention to the recovery of overseas markets. Freight volume gradually recovers, and the toy category has skyrocketed by 434.7%

From March 23 to April 22, Brazil’s customs offices have been working at home, leading to the stagnation of many customs affairs. Sheng Qijun, the sales director of Shanghai Yichuan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., told, “Since February, various ports in Brazil have been The impact was serious. The cargo volume of Rio Grande Port dropped by 50%, followed by Santos (28%) and Tubarao (23%). Since March, the volume of cargo has gradually recovered, but it has decreased compared with the past; After April, if some customs officers return to their posts on April 23, customs clearance will proceed normally. Production has gradually returned to normal, shipments have also increased year-on-year, and the number of new stock sellers has increased significantly. ' learned that due to the impact of the epidemic, offline shops and public places in Brazil have temporarily suspended operations, and the vast majority of people have switched offline transactions to online consumption. Therefore, in March and April, Brazil’s online orders have increased by 30% to 40% compared to the same period last year. However, the products that have surged in sales are mainly anti-epidemic products, household goods, indoor sports, food, etc. According to the 'Product e-commerce during the Covid-19 pandemic' study, From March 1 to April 25, 2020, after analyzing 25 million orders in more than 4,000 online stores, the study only considers online sales of physical products,

not including travel And tourism or mobile applications and other services, the results show:

Toys and games categories increased by 434.70%, supermarkets (270.16%), sporting goods (211.95%), household appliances (96.66%) and cosmetics (88.02%) growth.

'If there is no epidemic, sales in Brazil will definitely increase at this stage. Whether it is pre-stocking or final delivery, shipments will be about doubled. However, due to the epidemic, in March of this year compared to the same period last year, in addition to products such as anti-epidemic supplies, the order volume of cross-border e-commerce platforms has decreased by more than 50%. As the overall order volume has declined, our business in the Brazilian market has also decreased It has been affected, but since April, the order volume has rebounded and has recovered to about 80% of last year's. In May, I believe the situation will be better. 'Sheng Qijun said.

The overseas epidemic is still severe and the recovery time may be lengthened

For the signs of the market recovery, some sellers hold different views, thinking that the recovery time may be lengthened. The biggest worry is the logistics issue. 'If the logistics price cannot be lowered, how can it pick up? No matter how you go back, you can't get back to what it was last year. 'In addition, it will take some time for the epidemic situation and the resumption of work abroad. 'Only when there is income from the return to work, there will be more consumption.' It's okay to resume work when the epidemic is under control, but now the foreign epidemic has not been under control, and it may even rebound. '

According to, the number of new cases in the United States is still hovering at a high level. As of 09:00 on May 08, a total of 1,292,144 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia have been diagnosed in the United States, a total of 216,856 cases have been cured, and a total of 76,908 deaths. Affected by the epidemic, there are still many uncertain factors in the U.S. market, and the logistics channels are not smooth.

Amazon recently announced that due to large-scale transportation cancellations and restrictions, the U.S. Postal Service has temporarily sent to certain destinations. The international mail service. Another broke the news that a well-known logistics company in the United States basically did not accept the goods and was in a state of paralysis.

A survey published by the US media showed that in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut where the epidemic is the most severe In the state area, more than two-thirds of the people believe that the local government should prioritize epidemic prevention. Among them, 71% said that government officials should focus on implementing the “home order” to fight the epidemic. Only about 26% People said that the state government should shift its focus to the resumption of production and production.

Therefore, the resumption of production and production in the United States is not as easy as imagined, and the real market recovery may take longer. For sellers, The market recovery is a positive sign, but how to make adequate preparations during the recovery period is the next question that every seller must think about.

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