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The summer vacation is coming, parents must pay attention to these toys, magnetic beads and other 'invisible killers' everywhere.

by:Toysmax     2021-06-03

The summer vacation has already begun. In order to keep the beasts at home, parents will buy them some more novel toys! Water gun, yo-yo or balance bike, etc. But parents should pay attention: some toys need the parents to accompany them to ensure their safety! Therefore, the toys you buy for your children may be an 'invisible killer'.

There are related questionnaires on the dangers of children’s toys, and the results show that the more dangerous are: water guns, magnetic balls, crystal mud, ocean babies, and crossbow toys and many more.

When children are relatively young, it is difficult to recognize the potential dangers of these toys. The safety awareness is not strong, and it is likely to endanger the safety of other small partners and their own safety.

Illustration: There are many incidents of wounding people with water bullet guns. It hurts when shooting directly at the human body. If it hits the eyes etc., it will cause serious injury. Moreover, the water bomb swells in contact with water, and it may cause suffocation in case of accidental ingestion. If it is stuffed into the nose, ears, etc., it is also very dangerous.

The magnetic ball is even more powerful. With a stack of 1.6 cm thick paper, two magnetic beads can still be attracted together. If ingested by mistake, it will cause a fatal threat to the stomach and intestines.

There is also a balance bike. There are many children playing on the road, even if the parents are around, there may be traffic accidents!

Summer vacation is here, parents must be cautious when choosing toys for their children. Don't send the danger to the child in person.

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