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The sound of the toy is controlled below 70 decibels to ensure the health of the child

by:Toysmax     2021-06-01

Children like toys. A good toy can inspire education, develop intelligence, and increase knowledge. Toys open up children's thinking and stimulate children's fun. Some of the various toys sold today can fly in the sky, and some can run on the ground. They are colorful, endless and fun. Many toys also incorporate modern science and technology of sound, light, and electricity, which have played a role in gaining wisdom while playing and increasing wisdom while playing. Even adults can't put it down.

With the emergence of a large number of novel toys, toys with loud noises are becoming more and more harmful to the hearing of infants and young children. A Swedish scientific research institution said in a report that although it is not yet possible to accurately measure the sensitivity of babies and young children to sounds, there is evidence that children are more sensitive to sounds than adults. If children's toys make a loud noise, it may have catastrophic consequences for the baby. Some children play with toys such as submachine guns, cannons, tanks, etc., within 10 centimeters, the noise can reach 80 decibels or more.

The noise level is measured in decibels. Our daily ordinary conversation is 30-40 decibels, loud talking is over 80 decibels, and loud noise or tweeters are 90 decibels. Sounds below 40 decibels have no adverse effects on children; noises over 70 decibels can cause damage to children’s auditory system; when it reaches 80 decibels, children will feel noisy and uncomfortable; if the noise often reaches 80 decibels, children will have headaches, Dizziness, tinnitus, emotional tension, memory loss and other symptoms. The healthy growth of infants and young children requires a quiet and comfortable environment. If they are stimulated by noise for a long time, they will become prone to agitation, lack of tolerance, lack of sleep, and lack of concentration.

Someone has tested the noise level of seven types of children's toys in my country (such as manned electric toy cars, spring-sounding toys, inertial toys, etc.). The following figures have to surprise us:

The noise emitted by toy vehicles is 82-100 decibels within a distance of 10 cm.

The noise value of a large music gun at a distance of 100 cm is 74-107 decibels, and the maximum can reach 130-140 decibels.

A kind of compressed air toy that squeaks can have a volume of 78~108 decibels within a distance of 10 cm.

The average noise value of firecrackers within 3 meters is 125~156 decibels.

Among them, the manned electric toy car has the highest sound level, reaching 74~97dB (decibel). This kind of toy cars mostly appear in children's playgrounds in parks or large shopping malls.

The sound level of inertial children's toys is the lowest, 52~81dB. But the sound level of most children's toys exceeds 60dB.

These remind our young parents that when choosing toys for children, we must pay attention to the physical and mental development and health of infants and young children. The sound of toys must be controlled below 70 decibels. Usually, we must try to avoid infants and young children. Time to set off firecrackers, tweeters, electric drills and other high-noise environments, play less with high-volume toys, and eat more coarse grains, peanuts, soybeans, fish, meat, eggs, milk and other foods rich in B vitamins and proteins. We also call on toy manufacturers to try their best to produce low-noise toys that are suitable for children's physical and mental health.

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