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The small hand-made model has great energy, with annual sales reaching 10 million!

by:Toysmax     2021-06-06

In the eyes of most people, it may be just a toy. In fact, a small figure model can cost as much as several thousand yuan, or even tens of thousands of yuan. Some figure models have also entered the category of collectibles because of their limited sale. According to a CCTV financial report, Mr. Tang, a hand-made model enthusiast, has been collecting hand-made models since he was a teenager. In 1988, Transformers was released in China. He was deeply attracted by these cartoon characters. For 30 years, he has been on hand-made models. Nearly 2 million was invested. For example, 'A brand-new unopened Optimus Prime used to cost more than 400 yuan, but now it costs 30,000 to 40,000.' The age group of the figure model is mainly between 12 and 30 years old, and male users account for 70%.

The craze for expensive and unstoppable figures

Figures, also often called human figures or figures, refer to modern collectible character models, and possibly Refers to models of cars, buildings, videos, plants, insects, ancient creatures, or fantasy things. In the Chinese area, it mainly refers to the character model animation peripherals made with ACG characters as prototypes. As ACG fans are increasing, the quality and artistry of human figures are getting higher and higher, and the collection circle of human figures is also expanding.

The general audience of hand-made users are young people aged 12-30, and male users account for 70%. As the ACG industry gradually enters the mainstream market, the younger generation's consumption concept has improved , The domestic market share of the figure is also increasing. In the eyes of consumers, the figure has its own beliefs, and in the eyes of the practitioners, the figure is the creation of prototypes combined with IP. It is the combination of these two that has made today's hand-made craze.

The price of the figure is generally relatively high. Many figure enthusiasts may have to save a few months before they can buy the model they like. Despite this, we still find that in animation festivals everywhere In the past, there are still many people who buy the hands-on in a big way, and there will be a market if there is demand, so major manufacturers have also begun to invest in this field.

The rise of the domestic market

In fact, the domestic hand-made market started more than ten years ago, but due to domestic technical reasons and no hot IP, so It has always existed in the form of foundries, or authorized cooperation with foreign copyright owners, and has been located in the downstream of the entire industrial chain for a long time.

However, demand to promote development is always controlled by others and is not conducive to the balance of supply and demand. Therefore, domestic factories are also actively transforming. So far, in terms of content, design, production and subsequent channel sales, we It has been able to operate completely independently, and the proportion of domestic sales has also achieved a surpassing overseas.

Huge piracy market driven by demand

In terms of content monetization, derivatives occupies a large market. Due to the lack of prototype creation in China in the early days, consumers have low awareness of IP authorization , Pirated derivatives have gradually formed their own unique ecosystem. Compared with Europe, America and Japan, their industry market is that genuine products have spawned piracy. However, the domestic market for pirated derivatives has quickly spread, and the opposite has occurred. In this situation, genuine copies need to counterattack against piracy. Whether it is online e-commerce or offline retail, pirated figures can be seen everywhere, and the price two or three times lower than that of the genuine one makes many student parties willing to pay for the piracy.

Capital intervention in the market is not a fundamental solution

The original IP authorization should be the first part of the hand-run industry, and it is also a particularly important part , Or there are already domestic manufacturers that can rely on their own IP to produce derivatives. To minimize piracy, one is to increase everyone's awareness of copyright, and the other is to reduce the cost of consumers buying genuine hands. Nowadays, consumers’ requirements for product quality are constantly improving. Even if it is pirated, the cost from production to channel is not uncommon. In the survey, we found that if you can get genuine products at a slightly higher price, everyone is still very Willing to buy.

The problem of piracy reflects that the rapid growth of the market is bound to be accompanied by the problem of unstable foundations. In the entire industrial chain system, we still appear to be less mature than Europe, America and Japan, and the influx of capital Entry can only quickly create a business model of content + channels + derivatives, but for long-term benign development, it is still necessary to strengthen copyright supervision, improve Ru0026D operations, and cultivate a series of back-to-back operations.

The rise of hand-made is actually not only the part of selling things that we have seen, but the content, the completion of the back-end products, the influence of the head company, etc. will all play a vital role. The role of. At the same time, the better the domestic IP environment is, the value of such derivatives will naturally increase.

Article source: Toy Frontier

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