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The quality inspection found that the children's products problematic products are mainly children's clothing and children's toys

by:Toysmax     2021-05-05

The safety of children's products has always been an issue of great concern to consumers. Among them, the quality of children's clothing and children's toys is not a small problem.

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Recently, the Shijiazhuang City Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted a spot check on the quality of children's products sold in the circulation area of u200bu200bthe city.

The sampling involved 126 batches of children’s clothing, children’s toys, diapers, baby bottles, children’s watches, preschool tablets, and point reading machines. 39 batches of products have been inspected for quality problems. Most of the problematic products exist in children's clothing and children's toys.

Shijiazhuang City Administration for Industry and Commerce reminds consumers that they need to pay attention to the following points when buying children’s products:

In addition to paying attention to the brand, style, color and other elements of the product when buying children’s clothing , Also need to pay attention to the following issues: look at the appearance, check the label. To see if it has a complete mark, the content includes the name of the factory, the name of the product, the size and specifications, the composition and content of the raw materials, the washing method, the standard quality level of the product, and the certificate of conformity. When purchasing infant clothing, check carefully whether the clothing logo has the words 'A categoryQualified textiles must not have odors such as musty, gasoline, and kerosene.

When purchasing toys, parents should pay attention to whether children’s toys meet the following requirements: the toy must be marked with the product name, model, standard number, applicable age, the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor, and safety warnings , Usage, maintenance instructions and other related information; for the size of the parts of children's toys under 3 years old, it must be ensured that the toy does not produce parts smaller than the mouth when the toy is dropped or pulled, so as to prevent children from stuffing it into the mouth and causing suffocation; heavy metal And sanitation indicators have all passed quality inspections. At the same time, the state also implements compulsory 3C certification for six types of children's toys, including plastic toys, electric toys, metal toys, projectile toys, doll toys and baby carriages. Those who do not have the 'CCC' certification mark need to be cautious in buying.

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