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The new year is coming soon. Have you chosen the children's toys?

by:Toysmax     2021-06-04

The New Year is coming soon, the carnival time is up, let's choose gifts with your children! Laisai Toys recommends two fun and beautiful toys for you!

Puzzle series-castle maze navigation board

The first navigation in life

The first navigation in the child’s life 'Laisai Maze series navigation board, in the castle maze, move your fingers and wrist to turn the upper turntable to direct the knight to move forward. The game process is interesting and full of puzzles.

Story of the castle maze

Take the castle as the theme, make the maze story, with cards for reference. The prompt game process stimulates logical thinking ability, which is interesting and interesting.

Multiple color and shape recognition

The beautiful colors and diverse shapes on the navigation board help children recognize colors and shapes, and exercise their hands-on ability.

Music Series-Red Piano

'Steel' meets you well

The princess' piano meets a beautiful childhood and collides inadvertently A beautiful and intoxicating melody; dexterous little hands dance at will, creating a rhythmic art of jumping at the fingertips, in the wonderful performance, fulfilling the child's dream of a little musician.

25-key independent keys

25-key independent key settings, comparable to the step-by-step touch of an adult piano, independent keys matching the distance between the baby’s fingers, simulated mechanical piano, sound quality is pleasant and lifelike, included Accelerate piano scores to cultivate a basic musical sense of scale

Made for music dreams

Extreme selection of materials, multi-process ingenuity polished, beautiful appearance, advanced color matching, brilliant red, responsible for the appearance, no burrs on the keys, and playing Smooth hand guards, tailored for your baby's musical dreams.

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