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The most suitable toy for babies: children's EVA building blocks are fun and educational_Children's Toy Network

by:Toysmax     2021-05-24

For toys, babies have an innate love, and toys play a very important role in the growth and enlightenment of babies. The standard of a good toy is to enable babies to puzzle while playing. , Learning while having fun, and the building block toy for children fits this standard. It is a toy that is really suitable for babies.

The colorful and different shapes of the children’s toy building blocks can enable the baby to carry out pre-school enlightenment and identify objects and shapes while playing. , To improve the baby’s observation ability, shape recognition ability, imagination, and creativity; and the various small components of the child’s baby building block toys can be built at will, giving full play to the baby’s infinite imagination, bursting out of the small universe, and creating the baby’s own The fairy tale world, let the baby grow up a little more imagination, the more you play, the smarter.

The building block toy for children is non-toxic, odorless, safe and healthy. It is a soft building block that can be chewed by the baby. The baby will not fade and fall off when the baby bites it. It will only leave the baby. Little tooth print.

In addition, the baby is registered by Dongguan Xinjifu Plastic Co., Ltd., and Xinjifu Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is currently the largest among all peers in the Pearl River Delta A company specializing in the production of EVA, the company’s EVA products have passed EN71 testing and ICTI international toy certification, which further ensures that the quality of children’s toys is guaranteed.

Children’s baby EVA assembling building blocks toys, ever-changing building blocks, fun and educational, inspire more creative inspirations for babies, build the world in their hearts, and give them a color Happy childhood.

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