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The maternal and infant field has long been fighting, and the toy market leasing business still lacks giants

by:Toysmax     2021-05-13

Someone has solved the problem of the platform. Let’s look at the toy consumption needs of parents born in the 1980s. First, the consumer concept changes, from buying to renting, diluting ownership and emphasizing sharing, and secondly, saving costs and saving money. Finally, when an order is placed on the Internet, the offline experience has become a habit.

There has never been a news that the Internet circle can be so restless like the second child let go. The annual new population of 6 million and the consumption market of hundreds of billions, especially the maternal and infant sector, have a huge impact. The hundreds of billions of cakes are here, who is dividing and how to divide, but there are many ways to do it.

The dispute within the maternal and infant field began.

The maternal and infant field has long been fighting for a toy market leasing business is still lacking giants

Look at how big the maternal and infant field is born out of the second child. According to statistics, China’s existing maternal and infant markets The market size of the industry is about 1.4305 billion yuan, and it is showing an annual growth of 16%, and the average consumption of the parents of the new generation of 80s and 90s can reach around 1w, which is huge.

And this industry is mainly subdivided into milk powder, clothing, toys, safety seats and so on. Among them, milk powder occupies more than 51% of market sales, which is the absolute majority. This field has long been the Red Sea, and mother and baby stores, supermarkets, and the Internet have become the main channels. And in the remaining clothing and safety seats, there are also giants occupying them, such as Leyou Pregnant Infant, Baby Tree,, and Suning Red Child. Instead, the remaining toy industry has become the sunrise industry with the largest cake and the fewest water testers. As an important part of the toy industry after the vertical segmentation, the gameplay of leasing has attracted attention and has become the most important part of this big cake.

The author mentioned in the 'Toy Leasing Momentum Is Rapidly Growing A Small Industry Can Make A Fortune, Circulate toys, reduce unnecessary purchase costs, and avoid waste of resources. Although my country is a big toy country, it started late in the toy rental industry, especially the online platform. In developed European and American countries, the use of online O2O platforms to rent toys has long been popular, but there are currently fewer domestic players and lack of industry giants, and this is an opportunity.

The rental service of Qianjingyi in the toy market steadily occupied the top spot

Since the concept of Internet+ was put forward last year, toy rental platforms have also flooded with many gold diggers, and many have come in. Many have died. As of 15 years, only a few platforms, such as AOE (Ao Goose), have survived. Obviously, giants were born at this time. Analyzing its mode can discover the root of its success. The first is the question of deposit. Can it be sanitary and safe while deposit-free, compensation-free, and delivery-free, so that parents can be attracted with benefits. Can a girl with a kindergarten teacher background come to the door when toys are delivered to explain to the children, interact with the children, and attract parents with services. Whether it can expand related services, integrate toy recycling, parent-child game combinations, and maternal and child product sales, create a comprehensive platform, and attract parents with products, these are hard standards for testing the eligibility of a toy rental platform.

The problem of the platform has been solved. Let’s look at the toy consumption needs of the parent group born in the 1980s. First, the consumer concept changes, from buying to renting, diluting ownership and emphasizing sharing, and secondly saving costs. save money. Finally, when an order is placed on the Internet, the offline experience has become a habit. Finally, let’s talk about the status quo of the market. It has become the consensus of the society to emphasize the mobility of toys with rent as the mainstay. Then there is the prospect of domestic toy sales exceeding 100 billion a year. The most important thing is that there are no strong competitors in the country. Regardless of user needs, social environment and market status, the toy leasing model of renting instead of buying is not only feasible, but even possible. It is reasonable that the O2O model of toy leasing can divide the mother and baby market into half of the cake.

The next direction of community marketing and toy leasing in the adult market

In foreign countries, toy leasing is played in this way. The state stipulates that the community must set up toy leasing points and organize people to come to collect them. , After cleaning and disinfection, put it on its own e-commerce platform, and mark the source and time of the toy. According to the different levels of toys, the prices are categorized and marked on a monthly basis for families with different needs. It can be seen that family and community are the most important points of toy leasing. Entering the community and connecting family relationships with toys is the initial starting point. In the early stage, parents relied on the platform to buy toys for price concessions. In the later stage, toys were used as the carrier to form social functions. Chinese parents like to exchange parenting experiences, and only children need playmates, and they are circulated in the form of leases. Toys can serve as this part of the function, and connection is the foundation of all commerce.

Looking at adult toys again, in the toy market of Japan, at a scale of 900 billion yen, adult toys contribute more than 60%, and among Japanese adults over 18, at least 84% The above people have adult toys, and in the United States, more than 40% of toys are specially designed for adults. Like children, they admit that they also face the sense of loss caused by alienation and indifference in family relationships. Toys are a bridge to alleviate. Domestic examples include McDonald’s and KFC’s toy packages, Hokage series, hellokitty series, Doraemon series, etc. The most purchased ones are also adults. The same toy rental rules work equally well in the adult market.

The so-called toy leasing, on the surface is the circulation of products, but behind it is the connection of human nature. Successful business models will never be judged by the most sold products, but by whether they can link people's feelings, needs, and values. From this point of view, the author is very optimistic about the prospects of toy leasing. A business that connects human nature and warms human affection will always be promising.

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