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The latest data on toy online: July sales reached the highest in half a year, amusement equipment fell in popularity, and travel brands continued to be in good condition...

by:Toysmax     2021-05-31

Although the number of new-borns is declining, the toy industry is considered to have a positive outlook as the number of children continues to increase and the second-child policy opens. As the world's second largest toy consumer, the current domestic market space growth is still attracting attention. According to data and prospects, China's toy sales will increase at a rate of 5% to 6% in the next five years.

Under the background of the big market environment, the online performance of the toy industry has always been remarkable. Recently, the Maternal and Child Research Institute released the sales data of toys on various online platforms in July. Take Taobao as an example, let's take a look at the performance of the toy category in July.

Sales reached the highest in half a year, sales declined slightly

Under the category of toys/baby carriages/puzzles/building blocks/models, Taobao in July The platform’s total sales were 2.652.6 billion and sales were 74.79 million. With the blessing of the 618 Mid-year Shopping Festival, the toy's record in June has been greatly improved, but this high level continued in July, and there was even a slight increase in sales, and sales have also remained at half a year. The higher state within. On the one hand, this achievement is due to the advent of summer, and the increase in children’s outdoor activities is also accompanied by an increase in the demand for toys; on the other hand, the annual winter and summer vacations are the outbreak of children’s related industries. Both children and parents are willing Additional expenditures during this period.

Low-priced toys are still the most popular, 200 yuan becomes the dividing line of sales data

In terms of data distribution, toys still show low-cost and more productive In terms of market distribution, the high-end market occupies a very small market share, but still has a significant advantage in sales. But we found that with around 200 yuan as the dividing line, toys with a waist price have the best 'compatibility' in terms of sales and sales. In the top ten list of sub-category sales, the average market price of more than 70% of toys is in the price range of 25-200 yuan. The sinking market is pursuing quality, and high-end brands cover more sales audiences. At the same time, the improvement of the consumption ability of middle-class families indicates that the focus of consumption in the market will tilt towards waist prices.

Intelligent toys have returned to the top of the sales list, and the popularity of travel brands has not diminished

With the emergence of the new generation of parents, the overall family parenting concept With significant changes, education and fun have become the mainstream trend in the toy market in recent years, so educational toys have a loyal user group in every price range. In June’s online data, educational toys gave way for a short time, and large-scale amusement equipment attracted a lot of consumers by virtue of the preferential activities of the shopping festival. But after the shopping craze faded, puzzles/disassembly and other educational toys that required manual brains have regained their number one position on the sales list, with an average market price of 37.85 yuan and a 15.1% market share. Overpower the heroes. However, judging from the current market prospects, these two data are likely to continue to increase.

Since March and April, brands in the field of children’s travel have begun to show their prominence. Monthly sales are only after Lego. However, although under the category of toys, the travel tools produced by these two brands are not only aimed at children. The popularity of electric vehicles in various regional cities is also one of the reasons for the popularity. It is predicted that this trend will continue for a month or two, and there will be an intermittent market downturn after the weather turns cold. However, strong seasonality is also an inevitable problem for travel toys.

Under the undetermined situation of the toy industry, categories and brands may fluctuate. With the gradual expansion of toy audiences, how to accurately grasp the preferences and needs of consumers other than children is also the benchmark for practitioners' next move. As the proportion of online channels increases year by year, the trend of data will increasingly become the focus of practitioners.

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