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The final promotion price is lower than the marked 'original price' Fictitious original price to lure others into qualitative fraud

by:Toysmax     2021-05-15

The merchant stated that 'the original price of the toy is 649 yuan, the current price is 499 yuanHave you encountered such a bad shopping experience? The reporter learned from the municipal price department that price law enforcement officers discovered during market price inspections that Yangzhou Chinachem Shopping Center 'Toys R Us (China) Trading Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Wenchang Middle Road Store' had fabricated original prices to trick others into promoting some toys. The act of buying is suspected of price fraud. It is understood that this is the first price fraud case investigated and prosecuted in our city.

Promotional commodity transaction price

Actually lower than the marked 'original price'

The reporter learned that 'Toys R Us' is The world's largest specialized retailer of toys and baby products has opened more than 140 directly-operated stores in 55 cities in China. It was verified that 'Toys R Us (China) Trading Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Wenchang Middle Road Store' used labels indicating 'Original Price' and 'Current Price' to promote some products. Among them, 30 types of promotional products were sold at lower prices than before. The marked 'original price'.

'Such as: Deformed remote control car (RS war), item number 66971, price tag marked'Original price 229.9 yuan, current price 119.9 yuan'. After investigation, the original price of this promotion is actually 199 yuan; Smart City Hall luxury set, item number 52024, price tag marked 'Original price 649 yuan, current price 499 yuan'. After investigation, the original price of the product for this promotion was actually 399 yuan.' The law enforcement officer of the municipal price department introduced.

Law enforcement officials stated that it was determined that the actions of 'Toys R Us' violated the provisions of the 'Price Law of the People's Republic of China' and constituted 'using false or misleading price methods to deceive consumers Or other business operators’ price violations. According to the circumstances of the case and in accordance with relevant regulations, the Yangzhou City Price Bureau issued a warning to the company, ordered it to make corrections, and imposed a fine of 50,000 yuan in administrative penalties.

Fictitious original price to lure others

It is price fraud

The reporter learned that the 'fictional original price' price fraud case has a certain degree of concealment, and it is more difficult to handle the case. This case is the first such case investigated and dealt with by the Municipal Price Bureau. 'Operators buying and selling goods and providing paid services, using'fictional original prices, fictitious reasons for price reductions, false discounts, false claims that prices will be reduced or will increase prices, to trick others into buying' are price frauds.' Law enforcement officers said, just like For the toy in the case, the operator lied about “the original price is 649 yuan, the current price is 499 yuan”, making consumers think that they are taking advantage of it. In fact, buying it at 499 yuan is 100 yuan more expensive than the real original price!

The law enforcement officers explained that the 'fictional original price' refers to the fact that the original price indicated by the operator in the promotional activities is false, fabricated, and does not exist or has never had a transaction record. 'False discounts' refers to the fact that the pre-discount price indicated by the operator in the promotion activities or the pre-discount price calculated from the actual transaction price and the discount range is higher than the original price. 'Original price' refers to the lowest transaction price at which the operator makes a transaction at this trading venue within the seven days before the promotion, and if there is no transaction within the first seven days, the last transaction price before the promotion is used as the original price.

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