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The evolution trend of toy dealers, second batches, and terminals in the next ten years

by:Toysmax     2021-06-03

Guide to the Global Baby and Child Network: The Evolution Trend of Toy Distributors, Wholesalers, and Terminals in the Next Ten Years

I. The Evolution Trend of Distributor Channels

1. Terminal consumers place more orders directly with manufacturers through the Internet, and traditional setter dealers will die out in large numbers;

2. Marketing management systems based on mobile terminals are popular;


3. Dealer management e-commerce enterpriseization, background sorting, separation of people and vehicles sales have become common;

4. Traditional dealer groups will be transformed into offline execution in large numbers Service-oriented enterprises;

5. Traditional distributors will compete more with terminal stores for business;

6. More distributors have started network distribution business, Started the practice of O2O;

7. New technologies and new platforms have changed the dealer’s gameplay;

Second and second batch of channel evolution trends

8. The second batch of dealers will become distributors;

9. The second batch will continue to be marginalized, and will be marketed to the township, town, and village markets-those dealers are temporarily incapable and because of the lack of input-output ratio There is an obvious trend of sinking of the area that is willing to cover;

10. The second batch will not be 'blocked' by manufacturers, but will be more smashed by dealers and new technologies;


11. The application of new technology will make those two batches of dumping, roasting, and shoveling goods become unacceptable objects;

12. This world does not need to be that way. Many distributors do not need so many second batches of merchants, and even terminal stores do not need so many;

Three, terminal channel evolution trend

13 . Various business types live unevenly, and the differentiation is serious: department stores and large and medium-sized supermarkets are sluggish, and convenience stores are ushering in the spring;

14. In the next ten years, e-commerce platforms and enterprises and offline stores The online and offline mergers and acquisitions between China's retail companies will become a new thematic event of the merger and integration of Chinese retail enterprises;

15. Convenience Xiaochao will benefit from e-commerce and O2O commerce;< /p>

16. Terminal stores will be more cross-border and diversified in the management of goods and services;

17. Offline will not need so many physical stores, even There is no need for so many terminal business representatives in the traditional sense;

18. Manufacturers have more ability to directly operate from AB terminals to C and D terminals;

19. Every terminal store will become a multifunctional platform;

Four. Changes in the physical store itself

20. WIFI will become the standard configuration of almost every physical store;

21. Display and sell screens;

22. Experience commodities are 'unlimited';

23. Enterprise products start to compete more and be searched by consumers Competition for opportunity;

24. All products and even offline physical stores will be digitized;

25. Offline stores will be operated online, that is, physical stores 'online';

26. ' 'Zero inventory' management;

27. Consumer experience is 'compulsory';

28. Customer de-membership-some key attribute indicators of the so-called 'membershipIt will become the basic fact of all physical stores;

29. Physical stores usher in the era of front-office, and the importance of services will be greatly increased;

30. All channels化;

31. Compared with the forms and formats that existed in the past, physical stores are richer and diversified in type.

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