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The countdown to Double Eleven has begun. Tmall releases the latest toy brand pre-sale record

by:Toysmax     2021-05-17

Double Eleven is one of the most important promotional activities in the e-commerce industry. The e-commerce companies started to warm up one month in advance. In 2018, Tmall Double Eleven has entered a two-day countdown. Let's take a look at the pre-sale record of the latest toy brand released by Tmall. Who is the latest sales king?

Toys TOP20 brand list

Toys TOP20 brand list, Lego ranks first with a transaction index that is more than twice that of Disney, although the transaction growth has declined The trend, but this does not affect our consumers to create the top brand toys. After all, a set of ordinary Lego costs a few hundred to a small thousand dollars. At the same time, this reflects that parents’ education of their children is to use puzzles as toys. The Lord also reflects that parents are quite willing to spend money for their children.

It is worth mentioning that the third domestic toy in the toy brand list, Audi Double Diamond, although ranked third, the transaction growth rate was 4.41%, showing an upward trend. This is a childhood memory of the 90s.

The largest increase in the TOP20 brand list is BARBIE/Barbie, an increase of 43.59%; followed by BARBIE/Barbie, an increase of 43.59%; the largest decline in the brand is Coyobi, with a decline index of -51.63 %.

Store high transaction TOP20

Little Pig Page’s flagship store ranks first with high transaction. Although the current transaction growth is declining, Little Pig Pei As a pink pig from the UK, Qi's IP charm is limitless.

The largest decline in high transactions in toy stores is the uek flagship store, which has a decline index of -41.33%.

The largest growth rate is the TOP5 Shangpin Meng family, with a transaction increase of 31047.39%. Secondly, KPOP Korea purchases 212.97%, and the growth rate of Ghost Mother’s crazy shop is 85.91%. Due to the new consumer groups in recent years, the pursuit of individuality and fashion, plus new consumer culture and new consumer channels , The new retail environment has changed our way of life, private customized plush toys, coin purses, etc. have become the first choice of consumers.

Single product high-traffic TOP20

TOP20 single product traffic British Jellycat fruit coin purse, traffic index 7742, the lowest search popularity is the peripheral series of short ideas Doudou coin purse, the popularity index is only 872, but the traffic index is as high as 9507, ranking 11th.

The second high-traffic Crayon Shin-chan and Xiaobai zipper coin purse, but the search popularity and transaction index are not as good as children's wallets.

That pink little golden pig, Peppa Pig plush toy backpack search popularity 9454, traffic index 19897, trading index 28740 became the top spot, Peppa Pig’s genuine plush toy, traffic index 9301, search The popularity is 4751, but the trading index is as high as 11653. Peppa Pig has taken the toy industry by storm. From IP to IP derivatives, Peppa Pig is worthy of being a 'national toy'. After reading so much, are there any hot-selling toys you have created?

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