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The boy puts on a mask on the way to class. Netizen: It’s rough to live so exquisitely.

by:Toysmax     2021-05-29

It is everyone's nature to love beauty! But do you dare to apply a mask on the way to class?

No, recently, a young boy from a tutoring class in Guangzhou got angry on Weibo. He actually put on a mask in the remedial class. The editor was facing the computer all day, and after returning home, I didn't bother to wash my face and apply a facial mask. I kept Ge You lying down until dawn the next day. I didn't expect that there are so many people who are more diligent than myself. I just want to say one thing about this: I was defeated by you! ! !

It turned out to be like this. On November 1st, in Guangzhou, Guangdong, a boy in the remedial class suddenly told his teacher that he was going to the bathroom, but when he came back, he calmly put a mask on his face. The teacher told reporters that the boy secretly took the mask from his mother, and his classmates were laughing at him. The boy first tore off the mask and put it on again when no one was watching. The teacher was also shocked when he saw this scene, so he took the video and posted it on the Internet.

According to the tutor, the mask on the boy’s face was secretly taken from his mother. Seeing his classmates were laughing at him, the little boy finally decided to tear off the mask in silence and put it on when no one was watching.

Many netizens saw this video and said one after another: The boy is so cute! Much more refined than me! Some netizens said: It's rough under the hood. In a self-deprecating way, I expressed my feelings for the children of today who pay too much attention to maintenance.

Some netizens even joked in a self-deprecating way: If you lose, don't irritate old aunts like me anymore.

Netizen: I’m rough and lagging behind.

@最個Actor丿: Elementary school students all know how to take care of them from an early age. Look at you.

@名淘宝回利博主: The young man is on fire, what should we do with lonely old people?

@彭双英: Ashamed.

@HyukJae-3-DongHae: What about 30-year-olds like us?

@乔乔猫宁: Haha, I can’t have such a calm class. I lost.

@圣美林和普林西赛: When I was a child, I wiped my face with saliva and wiped it whenever I vomit.

@anmon梦梦: I am rough and lagging behind.

The bandit Hanfeng: beautiful. Grab from the doll!

Standing on the twenty-fifth floor: So, should the old aunts who don’t apply masks learn from you? Look at the aunts who can’t sleep well.

Onychomycosis and athlete's foot care: I am really rough, so young and boys love beauty.

Black Rock Sleeping Beauty: Your kids are more refined than you!

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