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Ten parent-child toys suitable for children aged 3~6 are recommended!

by:Toysmax     2021-05-26

Parent-child interaction has always been an indispensable part of the child's growth process! But the correct parent-child interaction can help the baby grow up at a certain stage very well. Nowadays, there are many interactive toys for parent-child interaction on the market, so what fun parent-child toys are suitable for children aged 3-6 to play with their parents?

1. Toss the ball racket

It is a good toy for parents and children in outdoor activities. Because it requires a lot of space for playing, it is better to go outdoors. Children can play catch-and-throw games with their parents. After the age of 3, babies will have better running and jumping ability. Such games can help babies coordinate their hands and eyes.

2. Lifting mini billiards

How about playing billiards with your baby? Guide the baby to hit the ball into the bag by himself, so that the baby does not always indulge in video games. It is a good thing to be hyperactive. Mom and dad can also play together, and the height of the lift can be adjusted at will.

3. Soft building blocks for early education

Soft building blocks are a kind of educational toys. Babies can build different shapes through soft building blocks. They need to use their imagination to be able to Build a beautiful shape. Parents can assist the baby by telling her what to build next. Where should I build first? Go together to create a beautiful building block garden.

4. Children’s mini basketball hoop

Playing basketball with dad is something that every little boy will like to do, and he can have fun at home. Dad exercises together. Playing basketball can exercise your baby's jumping and climbing abilities.

5. Tail cloth book

Parents and the baby read the tail cloth book together to help the child understand things, broaden the baby’s horizons, and at the same time exercise the baby’s Oral expression ability.

6. Children climbing tunnels

Climbing houses with tunnels is more difficult and suitable for children about 3 years old. Mom and dad can play climbing games together at home. If you go outdoors, it is a tent that the whole family can use together.

7. Children’s electronic piano with microphone

Little girls are very suitable for parent-child toys, you can play the piano and sing, you can also learn to sing along with the soundtrack, so that girls can cultivate a little sentiment in the music. Mom and Dad sang and danced with the baby, very happy.

8. Bowling set

My daughter’s favorite game is basically played once a day. From the beginning of the placement of the ball, let the baby complete it by herself. Slowly, she will find that her placement is getting more and more neat. Finally, she successfully knocked down the bowling ball and enjoyed the joy of sports!

9. Tasteless plasticine

Children love to play with plasticine, but moms and dads must choose odorless when choosing, so as not to stimulate the baby's sense of taste. Plasticine can stimulate your baby's infinite imagination. Mom and dad can squeeze out various shapes together with the baby.

10. Play house simulation toys

Simulation toys can help babies experience social life very well. This set of play house toys allows the baby to go shopping, check cash, and cook by himself. Mom and dad can play role-playing with the baby. This can help parents and children experience each other’s feelings and think more about each other.

3~6 years old is a very important stage of growth. Moms and dads must spend more time with their children, whether they play games or go outside, they can all make their babies grow well. A good way of action ability and behavior awareness. Love babies, just play games with them.

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