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Teenagers are easily distracted by playing with stress-relieving toys

by:Toysmax     2021-05-07

The fingertip spinning top, known as the 'decompression toySome promotional advertisements even claim that fingertip spinners help children with autism, anxiety, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

One pass ten, ten pass one hundred, many children or young people bring fingertip tops or fingertip dice to school, and play during the break after class. Some children don't stop playing even during class time. According to media reports, some children bring fingertips to school to exchange with classmates, and some children with fast brains sell fingertips to other classmates.

Playing in class affects order

These toys that you can hold in your hands are too popular and have an impact on classroom order. Many schools and districts have announced , It is forbidden for students to bring fingertip tops to school. In an interview with the media, a teacher said that the fingertip spinner distracted students.

The manufacturer initially targeted the use of fingertip tops to children of special races such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, so that these children can use these 'decompression toys' to calm their emotions and concentrate on learning. However, judging from the actual situation of this toy when it became popular, some children who brought this toy to school have nothing to do with autism, anxiety or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

In this case, the scene in the classroom is that the teacher is giving a lecture on the stage, and the sound of the spinning top of the fingertip is heard from the stage, and one by one the top of the fingertip starts in the classroom. Bi Luo was spinning, dazzling people.

Due to the high popularity of fingertip tops, it has become a popular birthday gift for children during the popular period. Some parents buy it to give to their children, some parents are purely catching up with the trend, and some parents hope that the children can really concentrate and study hard after they express their pressure, as the manufacturer advertises.

Decompression toys distract children

From the personal experience of some teachers, the biggest problem with fingertip spinners is that they cannot improve students’ learning The effect, on the contrary, led to the destruction of the classroom order.

In order to prevent the fingertip spinning from disrupting the classroom order, some teachers have issued notices to parents prohibiting the bringing of fingertip spinning to school, and some teachers directly confiscated them.

Professional solution to the problem of attention disorders

Parents buy decompression toys for their children, and also let the children take them to school. The engine is originally good for the children, but it actually brings them to the children. The impact of this is more harm than good. These toys are very attractive and are the main reason for their popularity; but the only effect of these toys is to make children unable to concentrate during class.

Allow children to bring fingertip spinners to school. The effect is the same as allowing children to bring Nintendo game consoles to school. This is a very distracting toy.

Parents should seek professional medical assistance if they are aware that their children may have attention disorders. If the condition is diagnosed, the Occupational Therapist will target the child’s own needs and recommend the use of auxiliary tools with therapeutic effects. , But it is impossible for a professional therapist to tell parents 'Go buy a certain toy, it will improve the child's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.'

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