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Teddy Bear Movie: The Humor of a Teddy Bear

by:Toysmax     2021-06-02

Each of us is like the dick played by Mark Wahlberg in the movie 'Teddy Bear'. Some are still struggling to prove their worth, and some aspire to be free and unique. But the humor of a teddy bear tells the world that as long as you are brave to pursue what you want, then life will be full of infinite joy.

In 2012, an R-rated comedy 'Teddy Bear' was born. The humor of a teddy bear conquered Americans, and also conquered the whole world full of childlike innocence. old boys. Some people say that this is just a brand marketing by a toy dealer, with a sense of fairy tales like Spiegel, earning some viewers' tears. But this is undoubtedly a very successful brand implantation, and the particularly cute teddy bear in the play has become the most classic image in the hearts of many movie fans, even more popular than today’s Heat Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg. People are welcome.

2015 'Teddy Bear 2' has started shooting, and it is still the original team, good friend Mark Wahlberg, marijuana lover Amanda Seyfried and sweet classic teddy bear Co-starred.

With more and more global cultural integration, 'Teddy Bear 2' combines a variety of humorous methods, including cold humor, black humor, physical humor, and ironic humor, which will definitely make the whole world Fans set off a carnival.

Let us indulge without scruples this summer, let us hold a sweet teddy bear, say goodbye to the real world of helplessness, and start again, Don't let your back always lag in front of the horizon.

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