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Stupid expression pack toys become the new favorite of netizens, toy creativity needs to be enlarged

by:Toysmax     2021-05-08

The most used online social platforms such as Weibo and WeChat are probably all kinds of silly and hilarious emoticons. What happens when these emojis become toys?

Recently, a small video about recording WeChat emoji physical toys was posted in Moments and was immediately sought after by netizens. The reporter contacted the video uploader Mr. Zhong and learned that he himself works in a foreign trade company in Xitou Community, Dongguan, and the facial expression toys in the video are the products produced by the company. Because he thinks these gadgets are very interesting, he uses I took photos on my mobile phone and shared it on WeChat Moments. I didn’t expect it would attract such a big attention.

As you can see from the video, the virtual flat expression has been redesigned to be restored to different physical shapes. Take the 'laughing and crying face' emoticon, which is popular with netizens and is highly used as an example. After the creation of toy engineers, it has become a little monster with two legs hiding in a sphere. At first glance, the oil-green plastic ball looks ordinary, no different from the common toy eggs on the market, but gently uncovering the top cover on the top of the ball, the expression of 'lying' on the electronic screen is alive and well. Leaped into the eyes. Then take apart a circle of the ball in the middle of the ball, and the 'laughing and crying face' will reveal the whole body. Under the chubby yellow head, there are two cute little short legs, which make people laugh.

It is reported that the popularization of Emoji culture in foreign countries is earlier than in China, and the production of emoji packs into various derivatives for sale has considerable profits. Take Mr. Zhong’s company as an example. A few years ago, it has received many similar orders one after another, all of which are mass-produced and the demand is very strong. Mr. Zhong said that some of these products are gaming keyboards and some are creative pendants. The unprecedented prosperity of emoticons has led to the formation of an industrial chain behind it, which has attracted many companies to develop emoticons and tap their commercial value.

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