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Space Adventures uses animation IP to launch children's model toys

by:Toysmax     2021-06-11

In recent years, the animation IP market is very hot, and it also drives the rapid development of the domestic toy market. Many toy brand companies are choosing to make animation-themed toys. As a relatively well-known children's science fiction cartoon 'Space Adventures' in China, since its launch in 2010, it has been loved and welcomed by many children. Therefore, Space Adventures uses this anime IP boom to launch children's model toys with different characters in 'Space Adventures'. Let's take a look.

Flying Wing: Orange Sky Arrow No. 5 morphing body

Sky Arrow No. 5 body is a morphing body of the male No. 2 flying wing. The body has excellent maneuverability and strong explosive power. It is responsible for assaults during missions and is also suitable for individual missions.

Special Arms: Double-sided Lightspeed Blades

Ultimate Mode: Dragon Dance and Sky Flight

Amethyst: Purple Sky Arrow No. 4 Deformable body

The Tianjian No. 4 body is the deformed body of the heroine Amethyst in the film. This body has average performance and is responsible for all-round support during the mission.

Ultimate Mode: Meteor Arrow

Sky Dragon: White Sky Arrow No. 1 Deformed Body

Sky Arrow No. 1 is the male of the film The deformed body of the protagonist Tianlong, the body's various indexes are above average, and the fighting performance is excellent. It is responsible for the frontline charge in the mission.

Ultimate mode: Cut through the air

All of the children's model toys in the space adventure above are deformed bodies, with a sense of futuristic science fiction, especially suitable for children to play, don’t hurry up Go and prepare such a surprise for your child?

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