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Sound-producing toys should not be played for a long time, and the baby's hearing has been damaged

by:Toysmax     2021-06-12

Many parents like to buy some sound-producing toys for their babies to play with. Don't look at the small size of these toys, but the sound they make is not small. Some experiments have shown that all toys are over 60 decibels. Some experts say that sound-producing toys should not be played for a long time, otherwise the baby's hearing will be greatly damaged.

When a child is born, the structure of the cochlea is basically similar to that of an adult, but the development of the nerve center cortex does not become the same as that of an adult until about 10 years old, so the baby’s nerve center They are not yet mature and are relatively delicate, so playing with sound-producing toys may cause hearing loss if they are too long.

So what can be done to make the baby play with sound-producing toys happily and avoid hearing damage? Let's look at the scientific gameplay of Meijia toy brand.

1. Don’t keep playing with sound-producing toys

Some babies like to hold sound-producing toys in their hands and play continuously. At the same time, the sound will inevitably come out during the playing process. Continuous sound will affect the child's hearing to a certain extent.

2. The playing time of vocal toys should not be too long.

The playing time of vocal toys should be controlled and not too long. It is best to change to different types of toys to let the baby have a fresh feeling.

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