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Some parents asked: the more toys, the smarter the child will be? The answer is: NO!

by:Toysmax     2021-05-13

Is it right that the more toys, the smarter the baby? Many parents think that the more toys you buy for your child, the more the child’s brain can be stimulated, so that the brain’s development will be exercised, and the child will become smarter. Is that so? Buying too many toys, what are the disadvantages to the baby?

Excessive stimulation of the brain

When babies are only a few months old, too many and complicated toys may cause their behavior problems, such as Distracted attention deficits, manifestations of ADHD, etc.

Distract the baby

Some babies have too many toys at home. They used to play the puzzles well. As a result, new toys came. Leave the puzzle and go to tinker with new toys, which will inevitably distract your baby's attention and enthusiasm.

Baby doesn’t know how to cherish

As the saying goes, things are precious. The baby has too many toys. If this one is broken today and the other one tomorrow, they don’t know how to fix it, or even throw away the broken toys. This will make the child develop a bad habit of wasting, and get anything in the future. I always feel that there is a new replacement, so I won't cherish it so much.

Therefore, parents should buy toys for their children in an appropriate amount and in a timely manner. After some toys are basically tired, buy new ones, so that the baby will have a sense of freshness;

Don’t put all the toys on the surface, just leave a few things that the baby likes to play now, so that the baby’s attention will become more concentrated;

The old toys should be put away. If they are broken, they should be repaired as much as possible, so that the baby knows to cherish them. Maybe after a few days, the baby will remember the old toys again;

Parents can also from time to time Lift the old toys and let the baby remember, so that the baby's memory will also be exercised.

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