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Smart children's toys have become the development trend of the toy industry

by:Toysmax     2021-05-13

With the continuous development and innovation of the toy industry, smart children's toys have become the mainstream of current market sales. Economic benefits have also become an important reason for guiding the development of toys towards intelligence.

Data shows: In 2013, global toy sales exceeded 92.5 billion US dollars. If this part of the market is iterated by smart toys, and the unit price of smart toys is relatively high, for manufacturers, these functions are It adds huge added value, and a smart toy can be sold at several times the price of ordinary toys, which has won huge economic benefits for manufacturers.

Based on the above analysis, some people in the industry have made hundreds of billions of market estimates for the smart toy market, and smart toys have become a major trend in the industry.

Two major pain points: intelligence and interactivity

Intelligent toys come in various forms. In terms of function, intelligence and interactivity have become The two important pain points of smart toys are reflected in the fact that toys can communicate with children 'emotionally64% of adult consumers expressed interest in buying smart toys that suit them.

The intelligence and interactivity of smart toys are also reflected in the field of children's emotional care. With the maturity of man-machine dialogue technology, smart toys made with advanced technology of speech recognition and speech synthesis can not only improve children's language expression skills, but also play a significant role in improving children's communication skills. It can be intelligent in man-machine dialogue. Toys have their advantages in the field of child care. On the one hand, they can increase the interest of children, and on the other hand, they can reduce the workload of adults.

High-tech intelligent toys satisfy the curiosity of consumer groups (including children and adults), and at the same time strengthen the interactive experience of consumer groups and toys. Toy companies have implanted advanced technologies in the fields of computers, electronics, and communications into toy products, breaking through the limitations of traditional toys, giving toys 'listening' and 'speaking' functions, and interacting with people.

Development direction: Intelligent terminal remote control

As an important branch of toy products, remote control toys occupy a large market share. In 2011, the US remote control toys The market size reached 580 million U.S. dollars, a significant increase of 15% over 2010. In 2012, the overall revenue of the US consumer electronics industry exceeded US$200 billion, and 108.8 million smartphones were sold, and sales will rise 24% in one fell swoop.

The explosive growth of smart terminals has given birth to the rise of mobile APP smart control toys, which has become the development direction of remote control toys.

Market analysts said that interactive, high-tech toys have gradually become the mainstream of development, and the combination of computer technology and toys has become the direction of innovation for toy companies. But it needs to be pointed out that at present, China is still relatively blank in the field of 'smart toys'. 'In a certain sense, smart toys are basically the'early education machine' that is advertised on TV. From this point of view, the gap between us and the international It’s still far.' The person said that the country is still in a stage of rapid development, but the future growth potential and market size are very attractive.

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