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Smart Barbie toys are exposed to technical loopholes, causing consumer dissatisfaction

by:Toysmax     2021-06-03

Connect your phone, open the app, and say 'I want to go downstairs' to the mini house in front of you, and a small elevator will carry the Barbie doll down from the second floor to the first floor. You can also use your voice to control the light switch, door switch, etc. in the mini house.

This is a new 'smart home' called The Hello Barbie Dreamhouse (hereinafter referred to as Dreamhouse) launched by Mattel this year, and it is also the company's first voice-activated toy connected to Wifi. After the toy is paired with the mobile app, the above scenario can be realized. However, some children who received this toy as a gift this Christmas may be a little disappointed, as it has recently been exposed to technical loopholes.

According to a report by the American media Mashable, some American consumers said on social media on Christmas Day that when they tried to manipulate the 'smart home' with sound, they were reported 'Error code 18' message, which prevents the children from interacting with the toy as expected. Parents also reported that after troubleshooting in accordance with the instructions in the manual, the toy still did not work properly.

Not all consumers have encountered this failure. A consumer named @ChristyTV said on Christmas Day that Dreamhouse is full of 'peace, love and happinessTo problems encountered by others. And the most disturbing thing is the following encounter, '@Mattel, I'm so disappointed! No matter what you do, Hello Barbie Dreamhouse will report error code 18. Come and save the Christmas of the two little girls.' A user named Jaime Manley wrote.

Because of the many complaints received, ToyTalk, the voice technology provider behind Dreamhouse, quickly stood up and apologized. Up to now, Mattel has not expressed any comments. ToyTalk said that engineers are fixing the problem, and they advise consumers to try to restart if they encounter problems.

ToyTalk was established in 2011, and the meaning of its name is the same. The company’s main business is to realize the interaction between toys and consumers through voice. Before this, it also cooperated with Mattel. Artificial intelligence Barbie doll that supports voice chat.

The retail price of Dreamhouse developed this time on Amazon is $226.99, and it was also included in Amazon’s 'holiday toy list' this year. However, due to technical flaws Of consumers are dissatisfied that this product is now rated only 2.5 stars/5 stars on Amazon.

Before the product was exposed to technical problems, the Barbie series and Hatchimals (an interactive toy that hatched from an eggshell and grew up over time) and Star Wars related toys were considered 2016 The hottest toy of the year. The impact of technical issues on the subsequent sales of Dreamhouse is currently unknown.

In the third fiscal quarter that just ended in October this year, Mattel’s net income rose 5.3% year-on-year to US$236 million. Affected by the adjustment of the Barbie doll products, the sales of this series of toys A year-on-year increase of 16%.

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