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Small toys, big hidden dangers丨Parents should never choose this kind of toys with strong magnetic parts for children under 8

by:Toysmax     2021-05-15

On the eve of the International Consumer Rights Day on March 15th, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued [Magnetic Toy Consumer Tips: Pay special attention to the age of the product when buying, and do not allow children under 8 years of age to play with strong magnetism (magnetic flux index greater than 50kG2mm2). Parts of toys to prevent children from swallowing or inhaling by mistake, causing injuries such as intestinal perforation or suffocation.

Magnetic toys refer to toys with magnets or magnetic parts. At present, the more popular magnetic toys on the market include magnetic sheet toys, magnetic clay (magnetic clay), etc. The magnetic sheet toy is composed of multiple magnetic sheets and accessories. The magnetic sheets have various geometric shapes and can be assembled into various shapes. Magnetic clay (magnetic clay) is composed of iron powder or magnetic powder, rare earth and other ingredients. It needs to be used with a magnet. The magnetic clay can be absorbed by the magnet and can be shaped into any shape.

When consumers buy and use magnetic toys, in addition to paying attention to factors such as the brand and price of the product, they also need to pay attention to the following issues: 1. Look at the logo. When purchasing magnetic toys, check whether the product identification content is complete, such as applicable age, safety warnings, implementation standards, and manufacturer information. When purchasing, you should choose the appropriate product according to the applicable age group marked on the product. You should also ask for an invoice or other proof of purchase from the operator when purchasing.

2. Look at the size. If the size of magnets or magnetic parts is too small, young children may easily be swallowed and cause suffocation injuries when playing with such magnetic toys. Therefore, magnetic toys that are larger in size and not easy to import should be selected.

3. Ask more. Before purchasing, you should ask the customer service of the e-commerce platform or the sales staff of the physical store to understand the functions of magnetic toys and the possible risks, and effectively avoid the purchase of unsuitable or risky products. When buying on an e-commerce platform, you can also get an in-depth understanding of product features, quality, and safety by viewing buyer reviews.

In addition, pay special attention to the age of the product when purchasing. Do not allow children under 8 years of age to play with toys containing small parts with strong magnetism (magnetic flux index greater than 50kG2mm2) to prevent children from swallowing or inhaling by mistake, causing intestinal tract Injuries such as perforation or suffocation. When children aged 8 and above play with such toys, parents should carefully read the relevant warning instructions, and take care of them and make necessary reminders to prevent accidents.

If a child accidentally swallows or inhales magnetic parts, or if a child has sudden abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other suspected symptoms, they should be sent to a doctor immediately.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Lin Lishuang

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