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Small toy building blocks to build a big castle

by:Toysmax     2021-05-24

Every small toy building block can build a big castle. Make children feel happy and happy, and promote their intellectual development. Yuanzhi brand tells you how to play with building blocks can not only make children happy, but also play a puzzle role.

What is a building block toy?

Building blocks are usually cubic wood or plastic solid toys, usually decorated with letters or pictures on each surface, allowing different There are various styles of building blocks for arrangement or construction activities, which can develop children’s intelligence, can be assembled into houses, and various animals.

How to play building block toys

1. Don’t pour out all the newly bought building blocks and toys for children to play. This is not conducive to the concentration of children’s attention. , But also make it difficult for children to choose. The number of blocks can be gradually increased according to the age and ability of the child. Parents should keep in mind, from simple to complex, this is conducive to the inspiration of children's intelligence.

2. If conditions permit, you can leave a corner of the room as a play area, spread carpets or mats, and let children play freely.

What are the benefits of playing with building blocks?

1. Exercise hand-eye coordination

When stacking wood, children need to use their hands dexterously Therefore, it promotes the development of fine motor and exercises children's hand-eye coordination.

2. Cultivate observation ability

The things that children build are drawn from life, which means that they have to learn to observe themselves in order to build more imaginative Building blocks pattern.

3. Cultivate social skills

Children build toy building blocks together to cultivate their social skills.

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