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Slime slime is popular around the world but can cause chemical burns and blisters

by:Toysmax     2021-05-17

Recently, slime slime has taken the world by storm. Because of its soft hand feel, strong plasticity and simple preparation method, it is deeply loved by children and parents. However, reports from many countries have shown that the chemicals contained therein are not good for children and can cause chemical burns and blisters. The French media will give you a detailed introduction to the dangers of slime slime.

The word Slime is derived from English and means 'mucus'. This kind of slime is soft yet elastic and has strong plasticity. It is a favorite toy of children. The preparation method is very simple, just mix the glue and borax evenly, you can find many such video tutorials on the Internet. One of the ingredients, borax is colorless and tasteless, has medicinal value and has bactericidal effect. However, improper use can cause chemical burns, allergies, nosebleeds and sore throat in children. One such burn accident occurred in Manchester, England. The victim's skin is red and swollen, accompanied by severe peeling. A similar tragedy happened in the United States.

Although accidents happen frequently, this does not mean that slime mud cannot be used as a children's toy. For safety reasons, parents can use cornstarch instead of borax when making slime slime; make sure that the slime slime is invisible or not in the mouth when children are playing, and wash their hands immediately after playing.

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