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Should a 0-1 year old baby play with toys for him? Which one is suitable for him?

by:Toysmax     2021-06-19

From birth, every baby is the little eldest in the family, pampering and preparing everything. For every baby, toys are indispensable from small to large, but to buy toys for babies is also to be bought in stages.

Let’s talk about the 0-1 year old baby. In fact, at this stage of the baby, his little hands have gradually become flexible. If you give him a toy, he Will use the thumb and other little fingers to pick up the toy, which not only allows the baby to explore and solve problems, but also exercises and cultivates the baby's visual, auditory and tactile abilities.

So the question is, what kind of toys are suitable for 0-1 year old babies?

hape baby fitness frame 0-1 year old baby puzzle creative bed bell rotation can allow the baby to sit, lie down, crawling and toddler can play, the baby can stretch his legs to kick the bell when lying flat, which can promote The baby’s limbs develop, the fitness frame can accompany the baby to grow up healthy and happy!

Exercise hands-on skills; at this time, whether the baby is sitting, lying or crawling, he will use his little hand to grasp the bell or the mirror. The baby's hands-on and grasping abilities can be cultivated invisibly. The small toys on the fitness racks for infants and young children are carefully designed to allow babies to stimulate their visual, auditory and tactile development during play.

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