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Protect your baby from mites and bacteria

by:Toysmax     2021-06-16

Nowadays, most people choose liquid detergent among soaps, washing powders, and liquid detergents. Laundry liquids mostly use non-ionic surfactants, which have a pH close to neutral and are gentle on the skin. After being discharged into nature, they degrade faster than washing powders, so they have become a new generation of detergents.

Mites and bacteria are always endangering your baby’s health, causing allergies, rashes, and extremely itchy skin on your baby’s delicate skin, making your baby unable to resist scratching. Once the skin is scratched, it will not only increase the baby's infection, but also easily leave scars. Frog Prince baby anti-mite and anti-bacterial laundry detergent can effectively inhibit bacteria and remove mites, and protect the health of the baby. It is specially developed for infants and young children, pure and gentle, skin-friendly and non-irritating. The raw material is wheat germ, which can nourish the baby's skin, relieve eczema, and keep the baby's skin away from dryness. It can effectively remove milk stains, juice, urine stains and other stubborn stains on baby clothes. And it concentrates the formula, doubles the active ingredients for washing, uses less, and saves half of the ordinary laundry detergent.

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