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Prices and ratings of similar toy products vary widely across e-commerce platforms

by:Toysmax     2021-05-06

The reporter learned from US media reports that according to a survey conducted by Profitero, a global e-commerce research company, only a few days before Black Friday, Wal-Mart and Amazon have prepared a large number of hottest toy deals this season. For the same product, Wal-Mart’s list price is on average 7% lower than other retailers.

On November 10th, Profitero analyzed the 2016 'Kid's Choice' toy list launched by Wal-Mart. In addition, Amazon, Target and Toys R Us also sold these toys on three platforms. The following chart shows the average price index of toy products provided by major retailers:

Profitero analysis found that the same product, the price of each e-commerce retailer varies greatly. For example, the Rainbow Barbie Princess Castle toy, Amazon and Wal-Mart’s pricing is 49% cheaper than the pricing on Toys R Us. From the chart above, we can see the price difference of the toy products of the four major retailers.

'As the busy shopping season approaches, if brands and retailers want to maintain a competitive advantage, for example, pay close attention to their online performance,' said Keith Anderson, Senior Vice President of Strategy u0026 Thinking at Profitero. 'After all, consumers know how to compare prices across platforms, and price differences of 5% or more will determine the success or failure of retailers.'

Profitero also analyzed the consumer Ratings for the same product. The same product has high and low ratings on different websites. For example, the Smart Hot Wheels toy sports car set has a rating of 3.5 on Amazon and a rating of 4.9 on Toys R Us.

'The more the number of reviews, the higher the rating, which can bring more sales to the seller. Therefore, this shopping season, brand owners must strive for more positive reviews,' Anderson added.

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