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Preschool children playing with flashing toys for a long time can affect eye development

by:Toysmax     2021-06-09

Flash toys, twinkling and twinkling, are fun and interesting, and add smart technology, which is deeply loved by parents and children. Some experts are wary of parents, preschool children playing with flashing toys for a long time will affect eye development.

There are not a few flashing toys on the market. These toys are the favorite type of toys for preschool children. However, some parents have found that if children play with these flashing toys for a long time, they will damage their eyes. According to the newly revised national toy safety standard, the editor found that the standard did not mention the lighting requirements of toys. In another safety standard specifically for electrical toys, only electrical strength, moisture resistance, heat resistance, and flame resistance are involved. Performance, there is no requirement for lighting.

In recent years, flash toys have been selling hotly. One is that the lighting color is quite attractive, and the other is the use of early education puzzle functions to form a Product consumption hotspots have caused most parents to misunderstand products; secondly, the government has not yet perfected the safety standards for flashing toys. Finally, parents’ awareness of flashing toys needs to be strengthened.

Preschool children are still in a critical period of eye development, and some adverse effects will lead to the subsequent development of their eyes. Therefore, parents must correctly guide their children to use the eyes and do not arrange excessive eye activities for their children , Participate in outdoor sports and exercise to help them grow up physically and mentally.

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