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Play with building block toys and play great wisdom

by:Toysmax     2021-05-28

Building toy blocks can exercise children's hand-eye coordination ability, cultivate keen observation skills, cultivate communication skills, etc., allowing children to swim in the world of building blocks, allowing their imagination to gallop on the cubes of wood and become a high-rise building. , Become a tiger and lion, become a castle park.

Many mothers do not know what kind of building block toys are suitable for their babies to play with.

1. 0-1 years old: colorful cloth building blocks

Before 1 year old, children have not really formed their own concept of space. Some wood or plastic solid building blocks are not for them. Significance, it is best to choose some brightly colored cloth building blocks, which are softer and painted with various patterns, which can allow the baby to perceive colors, recognize objects, develop tactile sensation, etc., and are safe and non-toxic to prevent the baby from being scratched by hard objects.

Two, 1-2 years old: lightweight building blocks

The sense of space for 1-2 years old babies is gradually taking shape. They like to build blocks by themselves and build a variety of The building block shape, and like to tear down again.

Therefore, it is best for parents to choose lightweight building blocks, which are slightly smaller in size to prevent the baby from being injured when the building blocks collapse.

Three, 2-3 years old: standard size building blocks

The language, space, imagination, etc. of the 2-year-old baby have gradually improved, and the hand-eye coordination ability has also been greatly improved. For development, you can do a little more complicated things.

At this time, parents can give some standard size building blocks to cultivate the baby's keen observation and independent thinking ability, and give the child more space for creativity.

Four. Play with great wisdom

Children’s baby brand EVA building block toys to ensure the safety and comfort of children, and its characteristics are non-toxic, harmless, soft, waterproof and non-fading, so that babies can In the world of small building blocks and toys, you can really play with great wisdom.

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