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Parents choose toys for their children to avoid toys as killers

by:Toysmax     2021-06-06

Nowadays, there are many kinds of toys, and there are many different ways of playing, but some toys have hidden murderous intentions, and there are many safety risks. If parents give children toys without careful treatment, they may bring great safety risks to children. Some medical experts have reminded that parents should consider many aspects when choosing toys for their children to avoid toys becoming a killer that endangers their children's health.

1. Kite

The Spring Festival and Lantern Festival have passed. It is a good time for outing. Many parents like to buy kites for their children and take them out to fly kites out. This book is understandable, but the kite line is sharp, and the child may be strangled by the line if he is not careful. It is better to play less, or let the adult line up while the child is watching.

2, the bubble machine

The bubble machine is the children’s favorite, take the bubble machine and blow hard, colorful transparent bubbles Fly in the air, especially colorful. But the liquid of the bubble machine is chemical, which can easily cause skin allergies in children.

In addition, the Meibeile brand reminds you that you must not buy toys on roadside stalls, because most toys are three-no products, and there is no guarantee, which will endanger the health of children. Still go to a regular shopping mall to buy, the product quality is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is guaranteed.

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