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Outdoor fitness equipment has safety hazards, children's fitness equipment needs to be perfect

by:Toysmax     2021-05-14

I often see many children in the park having fun playing on fitness equipment. Little do they know that such fitness equipment has many safety hazards. These fitness equipment are designed according to the adult's body shape and athletic ability, and are not suitable for children to play. Now outdoor children's fitness equipment needs further play.

Children playing outdoor fitness equipment are vulnerable to injury

In the afternoon of July 15, 2015, Xiaoyi, 5 years old, Xiaoxin, 6 years old, 6 years old Xiaohang and 11-year-old Xiaoxiang play on fitness equipment in front of a family yard in Manas County, while the mother of four children chats on the sidelines. When the children were fighting for equipment, Xiaoxin accidentally injured Xiaoyi's right finger and fractured her phalanx.

Xiaoyi’s parents repeatedly negotiated with the parents of the other three children on Xiaoyi’s medical expenses and other issues, but they were unable to reach an agreement, so they sued the parents of the three children to the Manas County People’s Court.

Recently, the case ended in mediation. The four parties reached an agreement that Xiaoxiang and Xiaohang’s parents would each compensate Xiaoyi for 1,000 yuan, and Xiaoxin’s parents for 2,000 yuan.

The reporter learned that incidents of children getting injured while playing outdoor fitness equipment are not unique. Not long ago, in a community on Changning Road, Changji City, a 3-year-old boy accidentally fell while playing a stroller. The steel sheet on the pedal of the stroller cut his head and stitched it with 5 stitches; last summer, When a 9-year-old girl who lives in Kuitun was playing on fitness equipment, her finger stuck in the fence and could not be taken out. The little girl was able to get out until the firefighters rushed to the scene to open the gap between the fences with tools.

Parents are not very vigilant.

On April 16th and 17th, the reporter visited many communities and parks in Urumqi and Changji. I was 'surrounded' by the elderly and children.

Spacewalkers, which are risky for adults, are very popular with children. Many children sit on the pedals one by one and 'swing'; some children stand on the swinging pedals, standing on tiptoes and struggling to reach the upper crossbar...

Some equipment in the community The damage was serious, the hand grip of the double big runner fell off, the turntable of the waist twister was loose, and the pedal wobbled badly... The children playing and playing on it were frightening to see.

'Now there are too many cars outside, and there are few places for children to play. I have to watch TV at home. I can only take him here to play for a while.' said Li Yuxuan, who lives in Jiaheyuan District, Urumqi. She once watched My child has been injured when playing with a spacewalker, so I have repeatedly told my child to pay attention to safety when playing.

Let the children pay attention to safety, but what are the parents doing? The reporter found that when the children are playing, many parents are chatting or looking down at their mobile phones. Almost no parent can always pay attention to the children’s movements. . The child is very active, and if the parents are not taken care of in time, it is easy to cause danger.

During the interview, many parents also raised questions, 'There are many children playing in parks and communities, why not set up more amusement facilities suitable for children?'

It is difficult to find fitness equipment suitable for children

The reporter found during the visit that outdoor fitness equipment is designed according to the adult's body shape and athletic ability, such as space walkers, waist twisters, and arm strength training. Device, vertical back massager, etc.

The reporter learned that, in principle, who benefits, manages, and maintains these fitness equipment, and to which community the fitness equipment is delivered, is managed by the property company of which community. The person in charge of a number of residential property companies said that most of the outdoor fitness equipment in the community was donated by the 'Sports Lottery Charity Fund'. 'The donated equipment is for adults. The only ones suitable for children are slides and seesaws.' /p>

In addition, the reporter found that outdoor fitness equipment is generally installed on the concrete floor, and children are easily injured if they accidentally fall.

'It is unscientific to install outdoor fitness equipment on cement or slate ground, and there are potential safety hazards. According to relevant standards, it is best to install outdoor fitness equipment on the ground while installing rubber mats or shockproof Mat.' Hu Guoqiang, manager of Xinjiang Zongruixiang Sports Facilities Co., Ltd., said that whether it is indoor or outdoor fitness equipment, there is a certain degree of danger for adults, let alone children. Coupled with improper maintenance of some equipment, there are different degrees of damage, there will be safety hazards.

'Fitness equipment is categorized when it is designed, and people who are not suitable for it are generally marked. Parents are recommended to read the instructions for use before their children play, and do a good job of monitoring at the same time.' Hu Guoqiang reminded.

Outdoor fitness equipment is convenient for residents to exercise, and at the same time it has become a 'toy' for children. However, these 'toys' are not safe, and accidental injuries to children happen frequently.

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