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Online shopping of children's products has become a mainstream consumer trend, and online shopping of toys accounts for 23%

by:Toysmax     2021-05-18

With the development of Internet technology, online shopping has become the mainstream trend of modern consumption. Many parents are more willing to shop online when buying children's products.

On May 31, Ant Financial released the children's online consumption bill for the past year. Statistics show that the per capita consumption of parents online exceeds 80 yuan per person. In the online shopping rankings of 31 provinces, Shanghai parents are most willing to spend money for their children, followed by Beijing, Zhejiang, Tibet, and Jiangsu.

Data shows that among the major categories of children's consumption of 'eating, wearing, using, and playingFollowed by toys, accounting for 23%. In third place are children's products such as diapers and strollers, accounting for 22%, while food and drink categories such as 'milk powder, complementary foods, and nutritional products' account for 14%.

In the online shopping rankings of 31 provinces, Shanghai parents are most willing to spend money for their children, with a per capita online shopping consumption of 136 yuan, followed by Beijing, Zhejiang, Tibet, and Jiangsu.

'Do not leave home, shop all over the world.' In terms of cross-border overseas shopping (overseas and overseas shopping), Shanghai is the most consuming area, and the per capita single overseas shopping amount is 158 yuan. The rankings are Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia.

Although the main force of overseas shopping consumption is still concentrated in the developed coastal provinces and cities, the activity of inland areas such as Xinjiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia is rapidly increasing, reflecting that overseas shopping consumption is shifting from young white-collar workers in developed cities to the west. Popularization of avant-garde consumer groups.

In addition to 'buy, buy, buy' for children, family accounts are also a way for many users to choose to express their love. Family account is a special feature of Alipay. After the user opens it to the other party, he can set a fixed amount of money for the other party to spend.

In the past year, among Alipay users, 13% of users set up Yu'E Bao accounts for minor children, granddaughters, nieces, etc.; and parents transfer money to their children's Yu'e Bao accounts The number of people is the largest, accounting for 97.7%.

At present, the largest inflow of Yu'e Bao's amount is 300,000 yuan, which is given by a mother to her daughter.

As Children’s Day approaches, many insurance companies have also launched the 'Baby Guardian Plan' on Alipay’s insurance service platform. Ant Financial Insurance Data Laboratory analysis found that in children's insurance, parents have the most accident insurance, accounting for more than half, and health insurance accounts for about 30%. Educational insurance is the third.

Safety, health and education, the order of insurance choices reflects the different degrees of concern and concern that parents have for their children.

The data also shows that on the Taobao insurance platform, the amount of children's insurance in April has increased by more than 30% over the same period last year. As parents' awareness of protection continues to increase, there are more types of child insurance options available on the market.

Ant Financial also released the results of an online survey conducted in conjunction with Sohu on May 31. The survey results show that 27% of parents said that they said good night to their children one day ago, the highest proportion. 25% of parents said they did not remember when they said 'good night' to their children last time. 24% of parents said they said 'good night' a month ago, and 24% of parents said it was a week ago.

28% of parents said that “the last time they didn’t look at their phones or computers and stayed with their children to sleep” was one day ago, 25% said it was a week ago, and 24% said “don’t remember” , And 23% of parents said it was one month ago.

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