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New trends in the toy baby products industry, mandatory standards may be reduced

by:Toysmax     2021-05-11

In recent years, the export of toys and baby products in my country has frequently encountered technical trade barriers in some countries, and a large number of Chinese toys have been forcibly recalled in some countries. 'On January 9, at the 2nd International Conference on Safety Regulations and Standards for Toys and Baby Products, Liu Yongtan, deputy director of the Standardization Division of the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration, said.

In recent years, China’s toy companies have transformed and upgraded from “foundry” status, and more and more companies have participated in international trade activities as independent brands. At the same time, due to the large differences in national standards and regulations and frequent updates and changes, companies are also facing severe challenges. Challenges.

For example, in 2018, the EU RAPEX system issued a total of 2065 recall notifications, of which toys and baby products accounted for nearly 60%, and related domestic companies suffered losses. Therefore, ensure that toy baby products Reaching the standard is not only related to the health of children, but also to the long-term development of China’s toys and related industries.

In fact, in June 2019, the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration revealed that it will release a batch of Related important national standards involve the fields of stationery, toys and children’s products. At a recent seminar, relevant sources revealed that the mandatory standards for toys will be reduced, but the coverage will be wider.

▌Exports are restricted due to standards

The 2nd International Conference on Safety Regulations and Standards for Toys, Infants and Children’s Products, relevant people are introducing the updated interpretation and latest revision of the EU Toy Safety Directive


China is a major producer, exporter and consumer of toys and baby products in the world. Among them, Guangdong is the largest province in the manufacture and export of domestic toys, and it plays an important role in the domestic and foreign markets. According to statistics from the Guangdong Toy Association In 2018, Guangdong’s traditional toy exports amounted to US$13.711 billion, an increase of 5.12% year-on-year, accounting for 54.66% of the country’s total toy exports.

However, the exported toys sometimes suffer from 'unwelcome.' .

It is reported that both governments and consumers around the world are very concerned about the quality and safety of toys and baby products. Products in this field are also the hardest hit areas for consumer product recalls around the world. In 2018, The EU RAPEX system issued a total of 2065 recall notifications, and the most notified products were toys and baby products, accounting for 57.7%.

As a major toy exporter, China’s toy companies are most affected. According to forward-looking industry research According to data from the Institute, in October 2018, the EU recalled 40 cases of toys, of which 30 cases were produced in China, most of which violated the Toy Safety Directive, EN71 standards and REACH regulations.

Liu Yongtan also said that currently , Trade frictions with technical trade measures as the main body are on the rise. 'A huge number of Chinese toys have been forcibly recalled in some countries, causing companies to suffer huge economic losses. 'Liu Yongtan also said that related exports have also slowed down due to the excessively complex technical standards set by trading countries.

According to the data of the Guangdong Toy Association, the standards and regulations of various countries and regions in the international market are different. Large and frequent changes, different countries in the world have different requirements for the quality of toy baby products, so that the products of toy baby products companies in China are facing severe challenges.

▌Compulsory standards may be reduced

What’s more noteworthy is that the Guangdong Toys Association also learned that in recent years, the share of Guangdong’s toy products exported by 'processing trade' has dropped from more than 90% in the early stage of reform and opening up to only about 40%. More and more domestic toy and baby products companies are eager to break through geographical boundaries and enter the international market.

It can be seen that on the basis of the original export advantages, domestic toy companies are competing Some progress has been made in the improvement of power, but at the same time, it cannot be ignored that 'quality and safety' is still the shortcoming of traditional toys in the international market.

Previous analysis pointed out that the society will make up for the safety of toys as soon as possible. There are constant calls for lagging management. Toys, as a traditional advantageous industry, cannot ensure the optimal supply of products from the source standard to the final sales, and meet the increasingly shifting high-quality consumer demand, the industry will face difficulties in the future.

January On the 9th, Guangzhou Customs Technology Center, Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Guangdong Toy Association, and Maternity and Infant Products Association jointly organized the 2nd International Seminar on Safety Regulations and Standards for Toys and Infant Products. At the meeting, Liu Yongtan said Said, 'As the world's largest producer and exporter of toys and baby products, export companies actively participate in international standardization activities, which is an effective way to overcome standard differences and eliminate technical trade barriers. '

In fact, as early as the eve of Children’s Day in 2019, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standardization Management Committee revealed that a number of national standards will be released, some of which are important for children’s It is closely related and involves the fields of stationery, toys and children’s products.

At a recent seminar, Ma Shengnan, deputy director of the Food Consumption Division of the Standards and Technology Management Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation, revealed that the field of toys, infants and children’s products is mandatory The number of sexual standards will be reduced to about 4, 'It does not mean that the standards reduce product safety requirements, but they cover a wider range, cover the entire field, and even cross fields, and can hold the bottom line of safety. ”

At the seminar, the China Association for the Promotion of Quality and Safety of Consumer Products and the Guangdong Association of Maternity and Infant Products jointly issued the 'Management Regulations for Baby Products Retail StoresFour group standards, including Safety Operation and Service Specifications for Indoor Children’s Playgrounds, and Product Marking Specifications for Toys.

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