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Multi-category is evenly divided, foreign tourists drive Japanese toy market consumption

by:Toysmax     2021-05-16

Multi-category evenly distributes the sales volume of overseas tourists

In 2014, the two series of authorized toys, 'Youkai Watch' and 'Frozenamount. In 2015, the situation was quite different. There was a lack of hot-selling products similar to the above-mentioned popular products, and the overall market performance was slightly inferior to 2014, with sales of 95% of the same period in 2014.

Evergreen category supports the backbone

From the perspective of sales channels, electrical hypermarkets and e-commerce have a good momentum in 2015, department stores have strong performance, and toys are specialized On the contrary, the sales situation of the store is more severe.

From the perspective of toy category, in the absence of hot products, major toy brands, creative design for girls, and remote control toys have become the pillars of the Japanese toy industry in 2015. Such as Dome’s 'Domeka' toy car, 'Lika' dolls, Epoch’s 'Sember familyThe category continues to provoke the mainstay. FunLoom (Rainbow Knitted Toys) produced by Hanayama, Colorful Bead Puzzles from Epoch Company

Cake toys, Hair styling dolls from MegaHouse Company and other creative toys for girls are selling very well. In addition, the remote control market share of CCP and Jozen International has also greatly increased.

Foreign tourists drive toy consumption

In 2015, foreign tourists spent a lot of money in Japan, which promoted the Japanese economy, and the toy industry also benefited from it. According to data released by the Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan, during the summer vacation in 2015, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan increased by 53.7% compared with the same period of the previous year, and consumption increased by 81.8% year-on-year. In this context, a survey on toy consumption by foreign tourists in toy stores in Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan areas shows that foreign tourists account for about 40% of the sales in certain departmental toy stores. , The toy consumption of foreign tourists even accounted for 5-9% of income. Insiders pointed out that the strong spending power of foreign tourists should not be ignored.

The depreciation of the yen increases price pressure

Affected by rising labor costs and the depreciation of the yen, major manufacturers have to raise the prices of their major products. Starting from April 1, 2015, Domeier has increased the price of its layered building block game products by 300-420 yen. This is also the first price adjustment for this type of product since 1999. Other major toy manufacturers such as Bandai, CCP, Joypalette, etc. have adjusted the prices of some of their original product lines.

In addition to the method of price adjustment, major manufacturers adjust the form and content of their products when they update their products to cope with the pressure of rising costs. If the yen continues to depreciate, measures to increase prices will have to be implemented.

IP authorization is introduced to go global

In 2015, IP authorization is a hot topic in Europe, America and Japan. In 2014, Bandai obtained the authorization of Disney’s hot Big Hero 6 and will continue to introduce related hot authorizations in 2016. On the other hand, the original image of Japan has also rushed internationally. In early 2015, the popular Japanese animation 'Youkai Watch' began to be broadcast in the United States, and Hasbro is responsible for the toy product sales of the series in North America. In addition, Domi International has also authorized 'Pokemon' on a global scale.

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