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More toys may make children stupid. How to choose smart toys vs. stupid toys

by:Toysmax     2021-05-30

The original intention of buying toys for children is to make them happy, and to promote their intellectual development.

However, children’s happiness and intellectual development are by no means piled up by the number of toys. Sometimes too many toys can have a certain negative impact on the child. (Follow the WeChat subscription account: Do Mom’s parent-child time, talk about parent-child parenting matters)

The more toys, the more stupid children might be?

A friend of Doma, there are so many toys in the house like a toy store. Every child who arrives at her house will have his eyes bright. But my friend discovered a problem. When children play with toys, they are always not focused. They will play with this one for a while and that one for a while. If they have trouble building blocks, they will immediately switch to another toy.

The same is building blocks, which is different in another friend’s house:

They don’t have many toys at home, but the children can play very happily. According to a friend, when a child is building blocks, he can play for half an hour without looking for his mother. If he encounters a problem he can't solve, he will come to help him.

In addition, their children also know how to cherish their toys. Whether it is a frog toy about the size of a thumb or a teddy bear that needs to be hugged with both hands, the child will give them a 'safe home'. It is neatly placed in a fixed position.

This baby really seems to be a child of someone else's family!

In fact, as long as everyone understands the tricks, we can also do a good job on this point.

1. Smart toys vs. dumb toys, how do I choose?

▪ Smart toys

The simpler the toy, the more changeable the gameplay, the more it can be played Children's creativity and imagination, such toys can be called 'smart toys'. For example, the aforementioned building blocks, in addition to various jigsaw puzzles, tangrams and so on.

Wall Crack recommends Tangram. Tangram is an ancient traditional wisdom game in our country. A simple seven-piece board can form more than 1,600 graphics.

In addition, small balls, small carts, etc., these toys are simple in shape, but they are very helpful in promoting the physical development of children, and they are also worth starting.

▪ Stupid toys

Stupid toys refer to toys that have a very simple way of playing, such as a hen that lays an egg when you press it, and a puppy that swings its tail when you pull the rope. If the child can think of this toy when playing with the house, it is still a bit useful, otherwise it is really useless for the child. It is better to see how the real hen lays eggs and play with the real puppy!

2. It is very important to choose good quality toys.

For a while, I bought a lot of cheap toys for my children, and then I found that this is a pit!

Firstly, because a child about 1 year old gets everything stuffed into his mouth, and those toys that don’t even have labels, how dare you let her bite them?

Secondly, cheap toys It's not durable at all, and the child breaks within a few drops.

Looking at a bunch of toys at home with unclear production information, poor quality, and broken when dropped, you will be really crazy!!!

Some mothers might say: Expensive toys cost more money!

In fact, there are not many toys. A good-quality, safe and non-toxic toy. After washing it, you dare to let your child bite with confidence. When a child is young, Use ta as a soothing object; when the child grows up, this toy can still accompany the child, and it will not lose money from a long-term perspective. Toys are not disposable consumer goods, it is wiser to buy good quality.

3. Choose toys according to the child’s character

In addition, when buying toys, it is best to buy toys according to the child’s character traits——

▪ If the child is better Action: You can buy him more assembled toys and graffiti toys so that your children can improve their concentration while playing. However, parents should also understand one thing, don’t disturb your child while he is playing with toys, such as feeding him something for a while, handing him water for a while, asking this and that for a while...

The child's concentration is true. Not born, but protected by parents, parents must understand this.

If the child is relatively quiet and does not like sports: then you can buy more sports toys for the child, such as small balls, twist cars, etc.

If the child is not good at socializing: Yes Buy some toys that require cooperation and interaction for your children, such as kitchen toys, play house toys, etc.

4. Choose toys according to the child’s age in months

Some mothers feel that giving their children toys does not need to be so particular, and they are not supplementary foods. Why do they need to be based on the age of months?< /p>

It's not right to think this way!

Children at different stages have different growth and development characteristics. Generally speaking, it is not a big problem for the older baby to play with the baby's toys. But if the little baby gets the toy of the big baby, he may be at a certain risk. For example, if the accessories on the toy can be disassembled, or the size of the toy is particularly small, it may be swallowed by mistake, causing harm to the baby. So, when buying toys, don’t forget to take your baby’s age in months into consideration.

In addition, toys produced by regular manufacturers generally have months or age recommendations, and mothers can also choose which toys to buy based on this.

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