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Mom and Dad’s world is so big, I want to see Moaike AR world globe with babies traveling around the world in 1 minute

by:Toysmax     2021-06-02

Do you want your children to learn about countries and their customs around the world?

You want your children to learn about the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, the Egyptian the landmarks of various countries.

Do you want your children to learn about Chinese pandas, New Zealand kiwis, American bald eagles... take pictures and interact with national treasure animals?

Do you want your children to explore the magic of space and experience the planets surrounding you?

Moike AR World Globe takes you and your baby around the world in 1 minute. Let your children feel wind, rain, thunder, electricity, sandstorm... and take you deep into the geographic and meteorological center. Seven continents, four oceans, six plates...In-depth understanding of the structure of the earth. The longest river, the largest rainforest...The world is all-encompassing waiting for you to explore.

The Moaike AR world globe can also take your children to the volcano, into the Dead Sea, and experience various geographical wonders; Spanish seafood bibimbap, French croissant... ...Love and food can not be disappointed; inventory of the world's top 50 famous tourist attractions, the world's scenic spots have a panoramic view.

Moike AR world globe helps children understand the world, let children walk into the cultural charm of the world, guide children to establish a correct outlook on the world, and help shape children’s overall outlook .

Mom and dad, the world is so big. Take me to see around the world, okay?

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