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'Modified' brand toy sales channel

by:Toysmax     2021-05-21
With the increase in consumption levels, the children's toy market has developed rapidly in recent years, and the increase in family demand for toys has made more entrepreneurs optimistic about this market. However, at the initial stage of the business, whether to choose big brand toys or unknown toy sales, choose to open the door directly or set up counters in the mall, different products choose different sales channels and strategies, let’s listen to Mr. Liang’s personal entrepreneurship Practice the story and learn how to improve his sales strategy when he encounters a problem. At the beginning of my business, I mainly acted as a toy brand agent and opened a storefront shop at the same time; but the business was not very good, there was no relatively stable passenger flow, and the cost of raising a storefront shop was much higher than my initial budget. The first is that the rent costs are relatively high, and the second is that the wages of the employees are higher. These two costs have already accounted for 60% of the net profit of the revenue, making my capital turnover problem. At present, the profit of the toy industry is about 20%, but the specific net profit is very low. I must drive my operating income through the increase in sales. Therefore, I was thinking about whether to open branded counters in some large shopping malls. This advantage is that we can use the passenger flow of the malls to ensure a stable sales volume of goods; at the same time, I mainly act for branded toys, with relatively profit margin Fixed, somewhat different from other unbranded toy sales strategies. In addition, when entering a shopping mall, the brand value of branded toys can be fully reflected in the price of goods, especially wooden toys in toys. The ones that have done more successfully in this part are big brands, and they have a good reputation among parents. After entering the mall, it can be recognized by more people, and sales profits have been greatly improved. During the transformation process, I myself concluded that it is difficult to have room for survival in a door-to-door house with branded toys. However, setting up counters in shopping malls is just like investing. You can’t just set up counters in one shopping mall, because different shopping malls have different market positioning and attract different consumers. For example, Hang Lung Plaza is located in the southern market. With a good reputation, consumers who often travel or live outside may prefer to come here to buy toys. For Jinan people, the old brand Ginza, they may come every day. In this way, these toy brands will establish a good emotional exchange with consumers. Consumers can understand and know these brands. When they really need toys, it will be very difficult. Naturally, I came to the mall to buy it.
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