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Magnetic film toys have become popular so far, there is still great potential in the market outlook

by:Toysmax     2021-05-09

Lunar New Year is also the peak sprint stage of the toy market. New products on the e-commerce ranking list in January include Fisher's'Four-in-One Monkey Fun Park','Happy Growth Crawling Mat', and Lego's'Big Wheel Truck' ,'Four-wheel cross-country motorcycle','Ashali and the magic baking house','Street motorcycle racing','Car-mounted crane','Cinderella's romantic castle', and'Various magnetic film' by Mimi, Xinle’s “children’s electronic organ”, Sanxin’s “magnetic film”, Xianbangbaby’s “7-in-1 lighting hand drum”, “leaf snowflake”, and Qunlong’s “children’s snowflake” have a total of 14 products.

Magnetic film toys have become popular so far.

The replacement information and ranking order of the list show that in January, among the new products on the e-commerce channel, Fisher and Lego products accounted for More often, it shows consumers' trust in international brands and demand for consumption habits at the node; from the perspective of domestic brands, the new types on the list are concentrated in building toys such as magnetic tablets and snowflake tablets. It can be seen from the data sorting of large websites such as Taobao that magnetic toys represented by magnetic films have achieved outstanding results online, becoming a category that has become popular in 2015 and continues to this day.

Like other building products, the magnetic sheet is a traditional educational toy, but it is different from building blocks, snowflake sheets and other similar products. The characteristics of the magnetic sheet Not only can you build flat graphics, but you can also build three-dimensional things easily. And different from the built-and-three-dimensional built-in building block itself, the magnetic sheet builds a three-dimensional building through a piece of flat graphics, which requires a child's spatial imagination and construction abilities to be higher.

There is still a lot of potential in the market outlook.

'Magnetic film is not a new thing for a long time, and its rise has a great relationship with market awareness, magnetic materials and commercial profits.' Li Xiaowei, general manager of Hangzhou Zhibang Toy Factory, said that the ups and downs of magnetic toys can be divided into three stages. Since 2006, his company has focused on magnetic toys. Adequate publicity, market attention is not high; until the toy market at the beginning of 2013-2014, when the online sales channel received attention and building toys became popular, the soaring of magnetic materials discouraged upper and mid-stream merchants; until 2015 to the present, Due to the slow growth of Lego-style building blocks and snowflakes, from a market perspective, manufacturers have opened up new sub-categories to obtain better economic benefits. Magnetic toys have been commercialized under the labels of “environmental protection” and “safety”. And successfully entered the market, quickly spread in e-commerce and physical channels and formed many factions. It can be said that there is a certain connection between the explosion of magnetic films and market hype. Manager Li believes that this trend may not last for a long time.

For the market outlook of the magnetic film, Luo Wenjun, the sales manager of Wenzhou Liyou Industrial Co., Ltd. analyzed the uniqueness of the product, and believed that'the rise of the magnetic film is a supplement to the current market demand.' At present, magnetic sheets have geometric shapes such as squares, triangles, trapezoids, pentagons, hexagons, etc., which can be easily built into a decent form. After being assembled and formed, they are easy to split and reorganize, while other similar products take a long time to form, and the construction of models is not complicated. Facilitate disassembly. In addition, the magnetic sheets are all large blocks, which are easy to pack and the baby is not easy to eat by mistake. The magnetic film toy market will continue to usher in opportunities for development in the competition of the same category.

Voices of consumers

Some online toy consumers have the following voices about magnetic sheet toy products:

1. The product is easy to break;

2. The product is easy to paint off;

3. The product has insufficient magnetic force;

4. The product color is inconsistent with the promotion;

5. Product film The number does not match the publicity.

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