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Magnetic children's toys have potential safety hazards, parents must purchase through formal channels

by:Toysmax     2021-05-28

In recent years, there are many types of children's toys that contain magnets, but some magnetic toys have many potential safety hazards. Parents must go through formal channels when buying them to ensure the safety of toys.

People's Daily Online, Ningbo, July 24. The reporter learned from Ningbo Zhenhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that recently, a batch of fishing game children's toy sets exported to Spain by a Ningbo toy company was returned. deal with. It is reported that this batch of goods totaled 2,204 boxes with a value of more than 10,000 U.S. dollars, and was returned from Spain to Ningbo Port. All expenses were borne by the toy company.

After investigation by the inspection and quarantine department, it was found that the goods did not meet the EU en71-1 toy standard due to the easy fall of the magnet on the fishing rod and the magnet’s too strong magnetism, and failed to pass the Spanish government. The random inspection by the agency caused the product to be unable to sell normally and was returned by the customer.

According to the staff, children are prone to swallow small objects due to curiosity. If many small objects containing magnetism are swallowed, intestinal obstruction will occur, causing serious damage to children’s life and health and even death. Part of the strong magnet components will pass through the human tissue and attract each other, resulting in perforation or obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract, which can be removed by multiple operations. In severe cases, it may even cause blood poisoning or death.

For this reason, the inspection and quarantine department reminds children’s toy manufacturers to take precautions against the safety risks of children’s magnetic toys: First, product design must take into account potential safety hazards, and not only pursue product beauty but ignore size and structure. , Strength, safety and other factors, causing product design defects to bring safety hazards to children; second, pay attention to attaching safety warning signs, relevant regulations in the European Union, the United States, Australia and other regions clearly require magnetic toys to be affixed with warning signs; third, Strengthen product production management, effectively control the procurement of raw materials, process formulation, product design, and pre-delivery testing. If necessary, samples can be sent to professional testing institutions for testing to ensure product quality and safety; fourth is to strengthen contact with inspection and quarantine departments, Communicate with industry associations to keep abreast of the quality standards of magnetic toys in the export destination country and the warning notifications and recalls of related products, and seek their technical support.

The inspection and quarantine department specially reminds parents to purchase products produced by regular manufacturers from regular channels, and ask for invoices or other shopping vouchers from the operators as important evidence for future rights protection. Do not purchase products from informal channels. Three no products; at the same time, pay attention to check the safety signs and warning signs on the packaging, pay attention to buying products with certification marks, and buy products with 3C marks.

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