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Little duck toys contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. Buy toys for 3C certification

by:Toysmax     2021-05-15

Toys are an indispensable good partner in the growth of children, and parents who do not have so much time to accompany their children to grow up will buy more toys to compensate. So, are the toys that mom and dad you buy safe? Have you paid special attention to the safety details of toys?

In several children's toy wholesale markets in Jinan, a dazzling array of toys attracted many children to stop and enjoy. The reporter randomly interviewed several parents about their opinions on buying children's toys. A parent said that she didn't pay much attention to the quality of toys. As long as the children like them and the toys do not have pungent odors, they will buy them. Several other parents also hold the same view.

Then the reporter went to a toy store and saw that the buttons used to decorate the plush toys on the shelves were obviously glued on. After a brief exchange with the shopkeeper, the reporter learned that the buttons on these plush toys were indeed glued on with glue sticks. If they fall off accidentally, they can be brought back to the shop and glued.

Not only that, many of the toys sold here are not marked with manufacturer, contact information, instructions for use and other information. Among them, the best-selling King Glory series imitates the crossbow and long sword in the game. Restricted sales are very worrying.

After that, the reporter bought toys such as crystal balls and floating ducks from two toy stores, and brought them to the Jinan Toy Association for identification.

After Hu Changhui's simple dismantling, a shining glass ball shattered in just tens of seconds. According to Hu Changhui, toys like this are any kind of three-no product with any logo. They can be broken with a sharp object. The liquid inside has a pungent smell, and the decorative stars in the ball are so small that children can easily eat them accidentally. Into the belly. As for another floating duck that was bought in a small stall, Hu Changhui said that this toy contains some harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, which is very harmful to the children's health.

As we all know, toy products on the market vary from good to bad. Hu Changhui introduced that although many toys now have 3C certification, a single 3C certification is not enough to prove that the toy is completely suitable. 3C certification is only a basic certification. When buying toys, you should pay more attention to the toy's manufacturing site, raw materials, manufacturers, warnings and certificates. Parents should comprehensively consider whether the toy is qualified or not worth buying.

For the healthy growth of babies, parents should look for the national 3C certification when buying toys for their babies.

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